Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.9 No.5 (1968)

307-316 :
Electron Microscope Study of the Banded β' Martensite in Cu-Sn Alloy
Zenji Nishiyama, Ken'ichi Shimizu
and Hirofumi Morikawa
317-324 :
Electron Microscope Study of the β'' Martensite (wedge-shaped) in Cu-Sn Alloy
Hirofumi Morikawa, Ken'ichi Shimizu
and Zenji Nishiyama
325-329 :
Activity Measurements of Binary Pb-X Molten Alloys by the TIE Method
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
330-335 :
On the Sweep Curve, Spot Movement and After-Reaction Electromotive Force in the TIE Method
Kazuhisa Okajima and Hiroshi Sakao
336-342 :
A Statistical Model for Ternary Solid Solutions Containing both Substitutional and Interstitial Solute Atoms
Donald H. Coplin, John E. McGinness
and Rex B. McLellan
343-348 :
The Fracture of Tempered Martensite
Shôichi Matsuda, Tohru Inoue
and Masao Ogasawara
349-354 :
The High-Temperature Tensile Deformation of Cu-Zn and Cu-Al Alpha Solid Solutions
Makio Asano, Osamu Izumi
and Eihachiro Tanaka
355-362 :
Effects of Additions of Silicon and Titanium on Characteristic Properties of New High Magnetic Permeability Alloys “Nimalloy” in the System of Nickel and Manganese
Hakaru Masumoto, Takeo Kobayashi
and Yûetsu Murakami
363-365 :
Hall Coefficient of Pb-Tl Alloys in the Range of 15∼40 at%Pb
Masahiko Ide, Kiyoshi Yonemitsu
and Takao Sato
366-370 :
On Quantitative Analysis of Inclusions forming Cloud Group using EPMA
Yoshimoto Wanibe and Kokichi Sano
371-371 :
Effects of Quench-ageing on the Petch Slope of a Commercial Rimming Steel

Isao Takahashi
372-373 :
On the Crystal Structures of Cr-Ni Alloy Particles by Evaporation in Argon Gas at Low Pressure
Natsuo Yukawa, Yasushige Fukano,
Masao Kawamura and Toru Imura


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