Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.9 No.3 (1968)

149-155 :
Two-Step Ageing in an Aluminum-5 wt% Zinc- 1 wt% Magnesium Alloy
Kazuhiko Asano and Ken-ichi Hirano
156-165 :
Nucleation of Dislocations around Inclusions in Iron Crystals
Hideo Kayano
166-171 :
Influence of Si Additions on Magnetic Properties and the Refining Effect in Vacuum Melting of 50 Ni-Fe Alloy
Yukio Ichinose
172-180 :
Diffusion of Divalent Solutes in Liquid Silver
Tatsuhiko Ejima, Nobuo Inagaki and Mitsuo Kameda
181-186 :
Thermodynamic Study of Liquid Au-Fe Alloys at 1100°∼1300°C
Meguru Nagamori and Mitsuo Kameda
187-193 :
Thermodynamics of Pyrrhotite (Fe1-δS) at the Temperature Range of 800°∼1100°C
Meguru Nagamori and Mitsuo Kameda
194-199 :
Electron Microscopic Observation on the Early Stage of the Recrystallization of heavily Rolled Sheet of 7-3 Brass
Shigeo Horiuchi, Tadatsune Okubo and Isao Gokyu
200-204 :
Thermodynamic Study of Molten SnO-SiO2 System
Zensaku Kozuka, Oloan Pardomuan Siahaan
and Joichiro Moriyama
205-213 :
Studies on Substructures around a Fatigue Crack in fcc Metals and Alloys
Seiichi Karashima, Hiroshi Oikawa and Tsugio Ogura
214-220 :
On the Growth Mechanism and the Distribution of Alumina Inclusions forming a Cloud Group in Liquid Iron
Yoshimoto Wanibe and Kokichi Sano
221-226 :
Heat Generation by Oxygen Injection during Reduction of Iron Ores in the Fluidized State by Hydrogen
Saad Fakhoury, Kamal Shehata and Said Ezz
227-228 :
On the Decomposition of a Highly Supersaturated Solid Solution of Al-6 wt% Mn

Osamu Izumi, Dietrich Oelschlägel
and Akihiko Nagata


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