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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.9 No.2 (1968)

77-81 :
Effects of Carbon Content on the Properties of Sintered WC-NbC-10%Co Alloys
Hisashi Suzuki and Takaharu Yamamoto
82-87 :
Electronic Specific Heat of Iron-based Dilute Alloys
Samuel S. Shinozaki
88-92 :
On the Magnetic Field Annealing Effect of Commercial Silicon Steel Sheets
Kōmei Haga
93-96 :
A Study of the Reaction between Metals and Molten Salts (IV) Absorption Spectra of Lead-Molten Bismuth Trichloride Solutions
Naoki Kamegashira, Yoshiko Hama, Masanobu Miyake
and Tadao Sano
97-102 :
Brazing with Cu-Ag Eutectic Alloy for Metal-to-Ceramic Seals
Minoru Hirota
103-109 :
On the Secondary Hardening on Tempering in Vanadium Steels
Mitsuru Tanino and Tokuhiko Nishida
110-119 :
Deformation of Zinc Single Crystals at High Strain Rates
Susumu Yoshida and Norio Nagata
120-123 :
Recovery Processes during Creep of Fe-0.75% Mn
Yoichi Ishida
124-129 :
A New Heat-treatment of Pt-Co Alloys of High- Grade Magnetic Properties
Hideo Kaneko, Motofumi Homma and Kikuo Suzuki
130-136 :
Corrosion Behaviors of Stainless Steel in High- Temperature Water and Superheated Steam
Tatsuo Maekawa, Masaru Kagawa and Nobuo Nakajima
137-142 :
On the Recovery of Dislocations in Deformed Pure Iron
Tetsu Oi and Kikuji Sato
143-144 :
Effect of Room-Temperature Recovery on Dislocation Structure in Deformed Aluminum

Hiroshi Fujita and Hiroshi Yamada
144-145 :
Formation of a New Intermetallic Compound with a Cubic- Type Structure in the System Mg-Te
Saburo Yanagisawa, Mitsuhiko Tashiro
and Shuichiro Anzai


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