Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.8 No.3 (1967)

145-152 :
On the Structure of Quenched Beta Phase and its Decomopsition Products in Copper-Tin Alloy
Hirofumi Morikawa, Ken'ichi Shimizu
and Zenji Nishiyama
153-158 :
Annealing Texture of Heavily Rolled 7-3 Brass
Shigeo Horiuchi, Tadatsune Okubo and Isao Gokyu
159-166 :
Flow Stress in Al-Mg Alloy Single Crystals
Hiroshi Asada, Ryo Horiuchi, Hideo Yoshinaga
and Seishi Nakamoto
167-173 :
Effect of Titanium Additions of Properties of the New Magnet Alloy “Malcolloy” in the Co-Al System
Hakaru Masumoto, Takeo Kobayashi
and Kiyoshi Watanabe
174-179 :
Order-Disorder Transformation in Fe-Al Alloys
Tetsuo Eguchi, Hidehiko Matsuda, Kensuke Oki,
Shin-ichiro Kiyoto and Kikue Yasutake
180-184 :
Order-Disorder Transformation of Fe-Co Alloys in Fine Particles
Hajime Asano, Yoshichika Bando, Norihiko Nakanishi
and Sukeji Kachi
185-189 :
Preferential Surface Hardening of Copper and α-Brass Crystals in Early Stage-II
Sadakichi Kitajima, Hiroshi Ôasa and Hiroya Kaieda
190-194 :
Preferred Orientation in Pyrolytic Graphite
Toshio Hirai
195-201 :
Production of Tin Single Crystals Foils from the Melt and Their Degrees of Perfection
Hideo Takaki, Masashige Koyama, Yoshikazu Tsujii
and Shigeo Maeda
202-206 :
Study on the Stress Corrosion Cracking in Austenitic Stainless Steels by Means of Internal Friction Measurement
Genjiro Mima and Shigenori Hori
207-208 :
High-Pressure Sintering of WC Powder and WC-Co Mixed Powder

Katsuya Kudaka and Hiroshi Koono
208-209 :
Time Law of Strain Age-hardening in Low Carbon Steels
K. Fujimoto, T. Imanaka and M. Konishi
210-211 :
Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on the Stability of Surface Film of Cu2O formed on the Copper Electrode in 3% NaCl Aqueous Solution
Koji Hashimoto and Saburo Shimodaira
211-211 :
Comment on: “On the Characteristics of Grain-Boundary Migration in Pure Metals Under Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures”
K. U. Snowden


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