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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.8 No.2 (1967)

73-74 :
Role of Dislocation Rearrangement in the Elastic Modulus Recovery of Deformed Copper
Masahiro Koiwa and Ryukiti R. Hasiguti
75-80 :
On a Cloud Group of Inclusions formed during Deoxidation of Liquid Iron with Aluminum
Yoshimoto Wanibe and Kokichi Sano
81-88 :
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Refining Effect of Ge in the Vacuum Melting of Fe-Ni Magnetic Alloy
Yukio Ichinose
89-95 :
Effects of Ge Addition on the Magnetic Properties of Isotropic and Anisotropic 50Ni Permalloy
Yukio Ichinose
96-99 :
Rapid Determination of Reduction Rates of Iron Ore
Takuho Ikegami, Ohiko Kammori and Ken-ichi Suzuki
100-104 :
Effect of Vanadium Addition on the Properties of a New Magnet Alloy “Malcolloy” in the Co-Al System
Hakaru Masumoto, Takeo Kobayashi and
Kiyoshi Watanabe
105-112 :
Combined Effect of Nb and Mo on the Mechanical Properties of Nb-Mo Heat-Treated High Strength Steel with 80 kg/mm2 Strength Level
Shogo Kanazawa, Akira Nakashima, Kentaro Okamoto,
Koji Tanabe and Susumu Nakazawa
113-119 :
On the Behavior of Precipitates in the Nb-Mo Heat-Treated High Strength Steel having 80 kg/mm2 Tensile Strength
Shogo Kanazawa, Akira Nakashima, Kentaro Okamoto,
Koji Tanabe and Susumu Nakazawa
120-126 :
X-ray Diffraction Study of Ageing Process in Lead- 0.4 wt% Magnesium Alloy at Room Temperature
Ryoichi Nozato
127-132 :
Transmission Electron Microscope Study of the Martensites in a Titanium-3 wt% Iron Alloy
Zenji Nishiyama, Shin'ichi Sato, Muneo Oka
and Hiroshi Nakagawa
133-138 :
Annealing and Creep of Dispersion-Strengthened Ni-Al2O3 Alloys
Sennosuke Takahashi and Masao Adachi
139-140 :
New Semiconducting Solid Solution: the Cd3P2-Cd3As2 System

Katashi Masumoto and Shigehiro Isomura


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