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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.7 No.2 (1966)

81-90 :
On the Cold Rolling and Annealing Textures of Mild Steel Sheets
Taisuke Akamatsu and Tetsu Sakamoto
91-94 :
Mechanical Properties of Commercial Pure Titanium at High Temperature
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
95-97 :
A Note on the Tempering Behavior of a Ti-9 wt% Ta Alloy Quenched from β Region
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
98-101 :
Effect of the Surface Structure on the Electrochemical Behaviors of Electrodeposited Nickel
Koji Hashimoto
102-105 :
Studies on the Manufacturing and Mechanieal Properties of Vanadium-Containing High-Grade Cast Iron
Masao Homma, Hiroshi Meguro and Yoshihikio Abe
106-111 :
Studies of the Quality, Relaxation and Wear Resisting Properties of Vanadium High-Grade Cast Iron
Masao Homma and Hiroshi Meguro
112-116 :
Variations in Some Properties of Sintered Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Alloys with Particle Size and Binder Composition
Hisashi Suzuki
117-122 :
Electron Microscopic Study of Deformation Behavior of Iron-Chromium Alloy Aged at 470°C
Genjiro Mima and Masaharu Yamaguchi
123-128 :
High-Temperature Oxidation Mechanism in 2.5% Tin-Zirconium Alloy
Tatsuo Maekawa and Bunpei Ishii
129-132 :
The Reversion Phenomenon in Iron-Nitrogen Alloys
Tetsu Oi and Kikuji Sato
133-141 :
Inter-Diffusion in Dilute Cu-S, Cu-Se and Cu-Te Liquid Copper Base Alloys
Tatsuhiko Ejima, Nobuo Inagaki and Mitsuo Kameda
142-148 :
Yield Stress and Other Tensile Properties of Nitrogen or Carbon Charged Pure Iron
Shozo Sekino and Toshiyuki Fujishima


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