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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.7 No.1 (1966)

1-7 :
The Growth of Large Single Crystal Sheets with the (100) [011] Orientation from Electrolytic Iron
Tomoyuki Takeuchi
8-14 :
Surface Structure and Chemical Reactivity of Electrodeposited Nickel
Koji Hashimoto
15-22 :
Alloy Hardening in Alpha Cu-Al Single Crystals at Low Temperatures
Koji Kamada
23-31 :
Equilibrium of Carbon and Oxygen in Molten Iron Saturated with Carbon
Yoshitaka Nakagawa, Koreaki Suzuki
and Masaru Fukumoto
32-38 :
Recovery of Electrical Resistivity of Pure Iron Deformed at the Liquid Nitrogen Temperature
Tetsu Oi and Kikuji Sato
39-45 :
On the Characteristics of Grain Boundary Migration in Pure Metals under the Fatigue at Elevated Temperatures
Sakae Takeuchi and Tsuneo Homma
46-51 :
Continuous Observations of the High-Temperature Fatigue in Pure Metals by means of the Microscopic Cine-Camera
Sakae Takeuchi and Tsuneo Homma
52-55 :
Thermodynamic Studies on Liquid Silver-Indium Alloys
Tsutomu Nozaki, Mitsuo Shimoji
and Kichizo Niwa
56-58 :
A Simple Evaluation of Grain Boundary Diffusion in Liquid Metal Embrittlement
Hiroyuki Ichinose
59-66 :
Th-ThC Phase Diagram
Sakae Takeuchi, Toshio Honma,
Tsuneo Satow and Toshio Hirai
67-70 :
Study of the Reaction between Metal and Molten Salts (I) -Dissolution of Copper in Molten Bismuth Trichloride-
Naoki Kamegashira, Yoshiko Hama,
Shosuke Imoto and Tadao Sano
71-76 :
Yield Stress and Flow Stress of Iron and Steel under Dynamic Loading
Seita Sakui and Tsutomu Mori


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