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Materials Transactions, Vol.63 No.1 (2022)

1-6 :
Theoretical Evidence for the Single-Ended-Source Controlled Yield Strengths of Micropillar FCC and BCC Metal Single Crystals
Shin Takeuchi, Yasushi Kamimura and Keiichi Edagawa
7-15 :
Os-Free Fe12Ir20Re20Rh20Ru28 High-Entropy Alloy with Single hcp Structure Including Fe from Late Transition Metals
Akira Takeuchi and Takeshi Wada
16-20 :
Manganese-Doped Ceria as a Dual-Functional Nanomaterial in the Treatment of Gaseous Pollutants and Antibacterial
Phan H. Phuong, Nguyen P. Anh, Trung Dang-Bao, Duong N. Linh, Nguyen V. Minh and Nguyen Tri
21-26 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Heterogeneous-Nano Structured Cu-Be System Alloys
H. Jiang, C. Watanabe, H. Miura and N. Muramatsu
27-32 :
Effects of Cerium on Crystal Orientation Dependence of Fatigue Fracture Behavior of Magnesium Single Crystals
Guojun Lu, Kensuke Miyazaki, Hiromoto Kitahara and Shinji Ando
33-42 :
Simulation and Experimental Study on Forming Process of Wavy Interface in Electromagnetic Pulse Welding Based on Metallic Jet
Luxin Chi, Shifa Liang, Xinxin Wang, Yang Ran and Yingying Wang
43-50 :
Fabrication of Magnesium Alloy Based Composites Reinforced by Uniaxially Oriented SiC Continuous Fibers Using Low Pressure Infiltration Method
Masataka Yamamoto and Masamitsu Hayashida
51-56 :
Dispersion of Shrinkage Cavity in Aluminum Alloy Castings Using Ultrasonic Melt Treatment for Generating Microbubbles
Yasushi Iwata, Kazuma Hibi, Hiroshi Kawahara, Takuma Minoura, Jun Yaokawa and Yuichi Furukawa
57-62 :
Shot Peening Intensity and Residual Stress Distribution on Cylindrical Surface
Takahiro Ohta
63-68 :
Wear Properties of Self-Fluxing Ni60A-AlMgB14 Composite Coating Fabricated by Plasma Spraying
Hubiao Wang, Guixiong Gao, Yunhai Ma, Hongwei Zhao, Bharat Bhushan and Jin Tong
69-72 :
Effect of Grain Refinement on Fatigue Properties of Mg-0.3 at%Ca Alloy in Air and Simulated Body Fluid
Naoko Ikeo, Naoya Kawamura and Toshiji Mukai
73-81 :
First Principles Calculation of Electrical and Optical Properties of Cu3AsO4: Promising Thin-Film Solar Cell Absorber from Nonferrous Metal Manufacturing By-Products
Issei Suzuki, Sakiko Kawanishi, Naoki Ohashi, Aiga Gomi, Junya Kano, Hiroto Watanabe, Satoshi Asano and Takahisa Omata
82-87 :
Fundamental Study on Forming Method of Ultrahigh-Strength Steel Sheet to T Model Shape —Development of Forming Method of Ultrahigh-Strength Steel Sheet to L and T Shapes—
Yasuharu Tanaka, Takashi Miyagi, Misao Ogawa, Junki Natori and Minoru Sugawara
88-91 :
Multi-Probe Characterization of Plasticity Heterogeneity: Requirement of Alloy Design Considering Dislocation Planarity for Developing Crack-Resistant Ni-Cr Alloys
Taein Kong, Motomichi Koyama, Misaho Yamamura and Eiji Akiyama


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