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Materials Transactions, Vol.61 No.1 (2020)

1-13 :
Effect of Alloying Elements on Fracture Toughness and Ductility in Magnesium Binary Alloys; A Review
Hidetoshi Somekawa
14-26 :
A State of the Art Review of Dispersion and Inspection Techniques for Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) into Matrix Composites
Hussein Zein and Yaser A. Al-Shataif
27-32 :
Microstructural Characterization of Martensite with Long Period Stacking Order Structure in Hf-Co-Pd Alloy
Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Ryo Matsuoka, Masatoshi Mitsuhara and Minoru Nishida
33-36 :
Change in Magnetic Susceptibility of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys Associated with Martensitic Transformations
Takashi Fukuda
37-41 :
Isothermal Martensitic Transformations in an Aged Ni-Rich Ti-Ni Alloy Containing Coherent Ti3Ni4 Particles
Hiroshi Akamine, Yohei Soejima, Tadaaki Nakamura, Farjami Sahar, Takashi Fukuda, Tomoyuki Kakeshita and Minoru Nishida
42-48 :
Development of Digital Holographic Microscope for In-Situ Surface Relief Measurement of Low-Carbon Steel
Junya Inoue, Shuhei Komine, Ryo Misaki and Kenji Sekido
49-54 :
Kinetic Arrest of R-B19′ Transformation in Iron-Doped Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy
Mitsuharu Todai, Takashi Fukuda and Tomoyuki Kakeshita
55-60 :
Orientation Dependence of Superelasticity and Stress Hysteresis in Cu-Al-Mn Alloy
Toshihiro Omori, Shingo Kawata and Ryosuke Kainuma
61-67 :
Internal Stress of Plate Martensite Depending on Aspect Ratio via fcc-hcp Martensitic Transformation in Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels
Yuki Wada, Nobuo Nakada and Susumu Onaka
68-71 :
Deployable Rocket Nozzle Utilizing Superelastic Titanium Alloy Sheet
Hirobumi Tobe, Yuichi Matsuki, Shinsuke Takeuchi and Eiichi Sato
72-77 :
Crystal Structure Analysis of Irradiated Ni3Al Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Ahmad Ehsan Mohd Tamidi, Yasushi Sasajima and Akihiro Iwase
78-87 :
Auto-Generation of Corrugated Nonpolar Stoichiometric Slab Models
Yoyo Hinuma, Takashi Kamachi and Nobutsugu Hamamoto
88-93 :
Atomic Layer Deposition of AlGaN on GaN and Current Transport Mechanism in AlGaN/GaN Schottky Diodes
Hogyoung Kim, Hee Ju Yun, Seok Choi and Byung Joon Choi
94-103 :
Full-Potential KKR Calculations for Interaction Energies in Al-Rich AlX (X = H∼Sn) Alloys: I. Fundamental Features and Thermal Electronic Contribution due to Fermi-Dirac Distribution
Mitsuhiro Asato, Chang Liu, Nobuhisa Fujima, Toshiharu Hoshino and Tetsuo Mohri
104-110 :
Effect of Composition on Recrystallization Texture Formation of Aluminum Extrusions
Masahiro Araki and Kenji Matsuda
111-118 :
Effect of Rotation Speed on Electric Damage of Copper Tribo/Electric Rolling Pairs under Lubricated Single-Point Contact
Zili Liu, Chenfei Song, Jiawei Li, Xinbin Hou, Li Wang and Yongzhen Zhang
119-126 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Study on Laser-Arc-Welded Al-Zn-Mg Alloy
Jiaxing Gu, Shanglei Yang, Qi Xiong and Chenfeng Duan
127-135 :
Molecular Dynamics Study of Influences of Non-Glide Stress on 〈a〉 Slips in Magnesium
So Yoshikawa and Daisuke Matsunaka
136-141 :
Effect of Argon-Purged Cooling on Generating Residual Stress in Oxide Scale Formed on Si-Containing Steels Examined by In Situ X-ray Diffraction and Finite Element Analysis
Koji Sasaki, Kazushi Hayashi, Mikako Takeda, Shohei Nakakubo, Yohei Yamada, Amane Kitahara, Risei Wada and Isao Saeki
142-149 :
Effect of Surface Texture of Steel Sheets on the Crystal Orientation Relationship between Zinc and Iron on Electrogalvanized Steel Sheets
Yuki Imatani, Satoshi Oue, Akinobu Kobayashi, Takehiro Takahashi, Yasuto Goto and Hiroaki Nakano
150-155 :
Leaching Behavior of Titanium from Na2TiO3
Dong Ju Shin, Sung-Ho Joo, Dongseok Lee, Jung Shin Kang, Min-Seuk Kim, Jin-Tae Park, Dong Joon Min and Shun Myung Shin
156-161 :
Effect of Mass of Drop-Hammer in Impact Punching with PVA Gel as Working Medium
Masahito Katoh and Takuya Aihara
162-168 :
Peen Forming of Anisotropic Double-Curved Surface by Vibration Peening Using Rectangular Solid Pin
Takahiro Ohta
169-175 :
Effects of Mo, V and Nb Addition on Behavior of Continuous Cooling Transformation of 16% Chromium Cast Iron
Nobuya Sasaguri, Ryota Takao, Kaoru Yamamoto, Yuzo Yokomizo and Yasuhiro Matsubara
176-180 :
Mechanical Properties Prediction of Gray Cast Iron Considering Trace Elements Based on Deep Learning
Masato Shirai and Hiroshi Yamada
181-187 :
Effect of Sb Addition on the Al-Si Eutectic of Hypoeutectic Al-Si Casting Alloys under Different Cooling Rates
Han Yan, Congcong Zhu, Zhen Wu and Wenli Gao
188-194 :
Rate-Controlling Process of Compound Growth in Cu-Clad Al Wire during Isothermal Annealing at 483-543 K
Takeshi Kizaki, Minho O and Masanori Kajihara
195-199 :
Suppression of Phosphorous Out-Diffusion in PH3 Plasma Immersion Ion-Implanted Germanium Epilayer Grown on Silicon (100) Substrate through SiOx Capping Layer
Daeyoon Baek, Kyu-Hwan Shim, Sung-Nam Lee, Woong-Ki Hong and Chel-Jong Choi
200-205 :
Performance of AZ31 Alloy as Anodes for Primary Magnesium-Air Batteries under High Current Discharge
Isao Nakatsugawa and Yasumasa Chino
206-212 :
Kinetics of Diffusion Induced Recrystallization in the Cu(Al) System
Takeshi Kizaki, Minho O and Masanori Kajihara
213-220 :
Relation of Size Distribution of Cracks in Superconducting Layer to Critical Current Distribution under Small Voltage Probe Spacing in REBCO-Superconducting Composite Tape
Shojiro Ochiai and Hiroshi Okuda


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