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Materials Transactions, Vol.60 No.7 (2019)

1103-1103 :
1104-1110 :
Grain Refinement of AZ31 and AZ61 Mg Alloys through Room Temperature Processing by UP-Scaled High-Pressure Torsion
Takahiro Masuda and Zenji Horita
1111-1115 :
Comparisons of Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Nano-Structure Induced by Heavy Cold Rolling and Ultrafine-Grained Structure by Multi-Directional Forging of Cu-Al Alloy
Hiromi Miura, Yu Iwama and Masakazu Kobayashi
1116-1122 :
Severe Plastic Deformation to Achieve High Strength and High Ductility in Fe-Ni Based Alloys with Lattice Softening
Shigeru Kuramoto and Tadahiko Furuta
1123-1130 :
The Contribution of Severe Plastic Deformation to Research on Superplasticity
Megumi Kawasaki and Terence G. Langdon
1131-1138 :
Bulk-State Reactions and Improving the Mechanical Properties of Metals through High-Pressure Torsion
Jae-Kyung Han, Jae-il Jang, Terence G. Langdon and Megumi Kawasaki
1139-1150 :
Finite Element Modelling of High-Pressure Torsion: An Overview
Pedro Henrique R. Pereira and Roberto B. Figueiredo
1151-1158 :
Strain Induced Segregations in Severely Deformed Materials
Xavier Sauvage, Amandine Duchaussoy and Ghenwa Zaher
1159-1167 :
Room Temperature Superplaticity in Fine/Ultrafine Grained Materials Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation
M. Demirtas and G. Purcek
1168-1176 :
Severe Plastic Deformation of Semiconductor Materials Using High-Pressure Torsion
Yoshifumi Ikoma
1177-1191 :
High Pressure Tube Twisting for Producing Ultra Fine Grained Materials: A Review
Laszlo S. Toth, Cai Chen, Arnaud Pougis, Mandana Arzaghi, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Roxane Massion and Satyam Suwas
1192-1202 :
Severe Plastic Deformation of Polymers
V. Beloshenko, Iu. Vozniak, Y. Beygelzimer, Y. Estrin and R. Kulagin
1203-1208 :
Development of Metal Oxide High-Pressure Phases for Photocatalytic Properties by Severe Plastic Deformation
Hadi Razavi-Khosroshahi and Masayoshi Fuji
1209-1220 :
Behavior of Nb and Cu-Nb Composites under Severe Plastic Deformation and Annealing
V.V. Popov and E.N. Popova
1221-1229 :
Metallurgical Alchemy by Ultra-Severe Plastic Deformation via High-Pressure Torsion Process
Kaveh Edalati
1230-1242 :
Lattice Defects and Their Influence on the Mechanical Properties of Bulk Materials Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
Jenő Gubicza
1243-1255 :
Corrosion Behavior of Severely Deformed Pure and Single-Phase Materials
Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Motohiro Yuasa, Muhammad Rifai and Hiroshi Fujiwara
1256-1269 :
High-Pressure Torsion Deformation Induced Phase Transformations and Formations: New Material Combinations and Advanced Properties
Andrea Bachmaier and Reinhard Pippan
1270-1282 :
Saturation of Grain Refinement during Severe Plastic Deformation of Single Phase Materials: Reconsiderations, Current Status and Open Questions
O. Renk and R. Pippan
1283-1293 :
Severe Plastic Deformation of Amorphous Alloys
Ádám Révész and Zsolt Kovács
1294-1301 :
High-Pressure Phase Transformations under Severe Plastic Deformation by Torsion in Rotational Anvils
Valery I. Levitas
1302-1315 :
Grain Boundaries and Diffusion Phenomena in Severely Deformed Materials
Gerhard Wilde and Sergiy Divinski
1316-1330 :
An Overview on the Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation Methods
Ghader Faraji and Hesam Torabzadeh
1331-1343 :
Deformation Heterogeneities in Equal Channel Angular Pressing
Werner Skrotzki
1344-1355 :
Recent Developments in the Application of Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatments for Improved Gradient Structures: Processing Parameters and Surface Reactivity
Thierry Grosdidier and Marc Novelli
1356-1366 :
Developing Nanostructured Metals for Manufacturing of Medical Implants with Improved Design and Biofunctionality
Ruslan Z. Valiev, Evgeny V. Parfenov and Lyudmila V. Parfenova
1367-1376 :
Critical Temperature in Bulk Ultrafine-Grained Superconductors of Nb, V, and Ta Processed by High-Pressure Torsion
Terukazu Nishizaki, Kaveh Edalati, Seungwon Lee, Zenji Horita, Tadahiro Akune, Tsutomu Nojima, Satoshi Iguchi and Takahiko Sasaki
1377-1383 :
Characterisation of the Effect of Al2O3 on the Liquidus Temperatures of Copper Cleaning Furnace Slags Using Experimental and Modelling Approach
Taufiq Hidayat, Peter C. Hayes and Evgueni Jak
1384-1389 :
Magnetic Properties of SmFe3-Type Sm-Zr-Fe-Co-Ti Melt-Spun Ribbons
Tetsuji Saito, Toru Horita and Daisuke Nishio-Hamane
1390-1397 :
Effects of Factors on Contact Forces Analysis between Die and Casting and Validation Using Die-Cast Product
Shoji Ueda and Shinji Sannakanishi
1398-1401 :
Comparison of Microstructure, Fracture Mode and Formability of Ultra-High-Strength DP1180/DP590 Tailor Welded Blanks
Fei Xing, Xiaoming Qiu, Cui Luo, Ye Ruan and Dengfeng Wang


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