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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.6 No.4 (1965)

197-201 :
A Study in the Deoxidation and Desulfurization of Liquid Iron by Uranium
Kiichi Narita and Shinji Koyama
202-206 :
Quantitative Spectrographic Determination of Small Amounts of Boron in Plain Steel and Low Alloy Steel
Takehiko Kawaguchi, Yasuo Kudo
and Toshiyuki Tokuda
207-210 :
Electrographic Determination of Gold and Silver in their Alloys
Yai Shiobara
211-216 :
The Potentiostatic Etching Figures of Cold-Rolled Austenitic Stainless Steels
Nobuo Nakajima, Tatsuo Maekawa, Sadayoshi Nagata
and Masaru Kagawa
217-221 :
Direct Observation of Internally Oxidized Cu-Al Alloys Deformed in Tension
Takao Kimura
222-228 :
A Calculation of the Elastic Constants and the Effect of its Anisotropy on the Martensitic Transformation in 3/2 Electron Compounds
Norihiko Nakanishi
229-233 :
Molar Heat Capacity and Heat of Fusion of Silicon Tetraiodide
Toshio Kurosawa, Ryosuke Hasegawa and
Tetsuo Yagihashi
234-239 :
A Newly Observed Pattern of Imperfect Graphite Spherulite in Nodular Iron
Matsujiro Hamasumi
240-246 :
The ε Phase Formation Range of Fe-C-Mn Alloys under Quenched Conditions
Toshio Saito
247-251 :
Spectrographic Analysis of High Purity Tantalum by the D.C. Arc Method
Nakaaki Oda and Mitsuru Idohara
252-253 :
Magnetic Properties of the PtFe Alloy Subjected to Plastic Deformation

Shotaro Shimizu and Kuniyoshi Watai


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