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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.6 No.3 (1965)

123-130 :
New Yielding Phenomenon in Some Aluminium Alloys at High Temperatures
Ryo Horiuchi, Hideo Yoshinaga and Shigeo Hama
131-138 :
Mechanism of the High Temperature Yield Point Phenomenon in Some Aluminium Alloys
Ryo Horiuchi and Hideo Yoshinaga
139-145 :
On the Temper Hardening Properties of Cobalt-Tungsten Alloys
Tadatoshi Toda
146-150 :
Temperature Change of Specimens at the Beginning of Oxidation and its Kinetic Effects
Teiichi Homma and Sadabumi Issiki
151-153 :
Tempering Behavior of a Ti-Cr Alloy Quenched from β Region
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
154-158 :
A Note on the Effect of Iron on the Annealing Behavior of a Cold Rolled Copper-Silicon Alloy
Jitsuhiko Ueda and Toshimi Yamane
159-165 :
Application of Residual Resistance for the Determination of Mg and MgO in a Ni-Mg Alloy
Toshio Doi
166-171 :
The Surface Structure of Electrodeposited Nickel
Koji Hashimoto
172-178 :
X-ray and Thermal Analyses of the Order-Disorder Transition in Magnesium-Indium Alloys
Noriko Ino, Makoto Hirabayashi and Shiro Ogawa
179-186 :
On the Magnetism in Work-Hardened High Manganese Steel
Toshio Saito
187-191 :
On a New Magnet Alloy “Malcolloy” in the System of Cobalt and Aluminum
Hakaru Masumoto, Takeo Kobayashi
and Kiyoshi Watanabe
192-193 :
Thickness Dependence of the Magnetoresistance Effect in Thin Permalloy Films
Kaizo Kuwahara


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