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Materials Transactions, Vol.59 No.7 (2018)

1013-1021 :
Roles of Carrier Doping, Band Gap, and Electron Relaxation Time in the Boltzmann Transport Calculations of a Semiconductor’s Thermoelectric Properties
Yukari Katsura, Hidenori Takagi and Kaoru Kimura
1022-1029 :
Synthesis of High-Density Bulk Tin Monoxide and Its Thermoelectric Properties
Shimpei Kuwahara, Sora-at Tanusilp, Yuji Ohishi, Hiroaki Muta, Shinsuke Yamanaka and Ken Kurosaki
1030-1034 :
Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type Half-Heusler Compounds FeNb0.9M0.1Sb (M = Ti, Zr, Hf)
Wanthana Silpawilawan, Yuji Ohishi, Hiroaki Muta, Shinsuke Yamanaka and Ken Kurosaki
1035-1040 :
Observation of Interface between Thermoelectric Material Zn4Sb3 and Electrodes by Resistance Scanning and Seebeck Coefficient Mapping Techniques
H. Kunioka, H. Obara, A. Yamamoto and T. Iida
1041-1045 :
Fabrication and Thermoelectric Properties of Al/Mg2Si Composite Materials
Yuta Hayashibara, Kei Hayashi, Ikumi Ando, Masataka Kubouchi, Yohei Ogawa, Wataru Saito and Yuzuru Miyazaki
1046-1046 :
Tomoyuki Yamamoto
1047-1050 :
Crystalline Approximant of Amorphous Fe-Si-B Structures
Akihiko Hirata
1051-1056 :
Crystallographic Relationship between the ν (Mn82Si18) and H (Mn7Si2V) Phases in the Mn-Si-V Alloy System
Kei Nakayama, Daichi Kurihara and Yasumasa Koyama
1057-1061 :
Ab-Initio Multiplet Calculations Using Iterative Algorithms for X-ray Absorption Spectra at Transition Metal L2,3-Edges
Masato Urasaki and Hidekazu Ikeno
1062-1067 :
First-Principles Calculations of Ionic Conduction in Olivine-Type LixFePO4
Ippei Kishida, Shota Koyama and Yoshiyuki Yokogawa
1068-1070 :
Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of La0.8R0.2(Fe0.88Si0.12)13 (R = Sm and Tb) Compounds
Vuong Van Hiep, Nguyen Khac Thuan, Do Thi Kim Anh and Hoang Nam Nhat
1071-1074 :
Enhancements of Critical Current Density in the Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconductor by Na Substitution
Duc H. Tran, Tien M. Le, Thu H. Do, Quynh T. Dinh, Nhan T. T. Duong, Do T. K. Anh, Nguyen K. Man, Duong Pham and Won-Nam Kang
1075-1080 :
Dynamical Susceptibility and Elementary Excitations in Monolayer Ferroic Films Described by XZ Heisenberg Model
Niem T. Nguyen, Thao H. Pham, Giang H. Bach and Cong T. Bach
1081-1086 :
Role of Gap Size and Gap Density of the Plasmonic Random Gold Nanoisland Ensemble for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Oanh T. T. Nguyen, Dat Tran, Quynh N. Nguyen, Nghia X. Nguyen, Lien H. Nghiem, Thang D. Dao, Tadaaki Nagao and Chung V. Hoang
1087-1090 :
Interaction of Arachidic Acid Langmuir Monolayers with Trivalent Ions La3+ and Fe3+ Studied by Vibrational Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy
Nguyen Thi Hue, Nguyen The Binh and Nguyen Anh Tuan
1091-1094 :
Fabrication of Microsized Magnetic Materials by Ink-Jet Printing
L. V. Cuong, N. K. Thuan and P. D. Thang
1095-1100 :
Synthesis and Properties of Fe3O4/Polyaniline Nanomaterial and Its Ability of Removing Arsenic in Wastewater
Vu Q. Trung, Nguyen T. H. Trang, Tran M. Thi, Khongvilay Vorayuth, Nguyen M. Nghia and Mai A. Tuan
1101-1105 :
Application of Nano-Ag Fabricated by the Electrical Spark Discharge Method for Restraining Aspergillus Niger
Kuo-Hsiung Tseng, Meng-Yun Chung and Juei-Long Chiu
1106-1111 :
An Investigation of Silver Nanoparticles Formation under Presence of Graphene Quantum Dots as Reducing Reagent and Stabilizer
Hoang Vinh Tran, Anh Duc Chu, Tuan Van Nguyen, Nghia Duc Nguyen, Thu Dieu Le and Chinh Dang Huynh
1112-1116 :
Synthesis of ZnTiO3 and Ag/ZnTiO3 and Their Antibacterial Performances
Le H.T. Anh, Nguyen Tri, Nguyen T.T. Van and Huynh K.P. Ha
1117-1123 :
Photoactivity of Reducing Graphene Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Composite for Cinnamic Acid Degradation
Nguyen Phung Anh, Huynh Thi Kim Chi, Nguyen Tri and Hoang Thi Kim Dung
1124-1129 :
Effects of Tempered Microstructure and Hydrogen Concentration on Hydrogen-Induced Embrittlement Susceptibility of 10B21 Screws at Low Temperature
Kuan-Jen Chen, Fei-Yi Hung, Truan-Sheng Lui and Chien-Hao Tseng
1130-1134 :
Mechanical Properties and Fatigue Behavior of Cast/Forged Al-1.2%Mg-1.0%Si-1.0%Cu Aluminum Alloys
Teng-Shih Shih and Jia-Wey Lin
1135-1141 :
Determination Approach of Dislocation Density and Crystallite Size Using a Convolutional Multiple Whole Profile Software
Kodai Murasawa, Masato Takamura, Masayoshi Kumagai, Yoshimasa Ikeda, Hiroshi Suzuki, Yoshie Otake, Takayuki Hama and Shinsuke Suzuki
1142-1146 :
Effect of Rotary Forging on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-3Al-1Zn Magnesium Alloy
Shan Jiang, Chengrong Wu and Taibin Wu
1147-1155 :
Texture and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg Alloy with Unimodal and Bimodal Grain-Structures Formed by Accumulative Roll Bonding and Annealing
Keizo Kashihara and Nobuhiro Tsuji
1156-1160 :
Characterization of All Solid State Batteries with LiPON Thin Films Obtained with Different Substrates and RF Sputtering Times
Chaomin Zhang, Linjun Wang, Xin Ji and Guishun Li
1161-1165 :
Analysis of Microstructure and Its Effect on Yield Strength of Pure Alpha-Titanium Consolidated by Equal Channel Angular Pressing
Peng Luo
1166-1172 :
Formation of Corrosion-Resistant Films on Al-Zn-Mg Alloy by Steam Coating Using Acidic Zn(NO3)2 Aqueous Solutions
Tetsuya Yokomizo, Yuta Shimada, Mika Tsunakawa, Ai Serizawa and Takahiro Ishizaki
1173-1179 :
Effects of Solution Treatment on Corrosion Properties of Mg-6 mass%Al-1 mass%Zn-2 mass%Ca (AZX612) and Mg-6 mass%Al-1 mass%Zn (AZ61) Alloys
Motohiro Yuasa, Xinsheng Huang, Kazutaka Suzuki, Naobumi Saito and Yasumasa Chino
1180-1185 :
Reduction of Nickel and Iron from Low-Grade Nickel Laterite Ore via a Solid-State Deoxidization Method Using Methane
Bo Li, Zhiguang Ding, Yonggang Wei, Shiwei Zhou and Hua Wang
1186-1191 :
Influence Factors for the Determination of Vermicular Graphite Ratio in Cast Iron Measured by Ultrasonic Method
Qingyi Liu, Ailong Jiang, Junbo Wang and Dequan Shi
1192-1197 :
Joining of Metals by Super-Spread Wetting on Surface Fine Crevice Structure Created by Reduction-Sintering Copper Oxide Powder
Jaebong Yeon, Yuya Ishida, Masashi Nakamoto and Toshihiro Tanaka
1198-1205 :
Formation of Multiscale Protrusions on Commercially Pure Titanium and Stainless Steel by Two-Stage Sputter Etching Using Different Cathode Disks
Keijiro Nakasa, Akihiro Yamamoto, Takashi Kubo, Rongguang Wang and Tsunetaka Sumomogi
1206-1209 :
Effects of Milling Time and Process Control Agent on the Austenite Stability of Nanocrystalline Fe-10%Mn Alloy Obtained via Spark Plasma Sintering
Keunhak Kim, Seung-Jin Oh, Dongsung Park, In-Jin Shon and Seok-Jae Lee
1210-1213 :
Sterilization by a Pulsed Electric Field with Dendritic Gold Electrodes
Soichiro Deguchi, Masataka Hakamada and Mamoru Mabuchi
1214-1214 :


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