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Materials Transactions, Vol.57 No.10 (2016) pp.1853-1856
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Effect of Al Composition on the Corrosion Resistance of Mg-14 mass% Li System Alloy

Taiki Morishige1, Yutaro Obata2, Takayuki Goto3, Tomoki Fukagawa3, Eiji Nakamura3 and Toshihide Takenaka1

1Department of Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Kansai University, Suita 564-8680, Japan
2Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kansai University, Suita 564-8680, Japan
3Santoku Corporation, Kobe 658-0013, Japan

Mg-Li system alloys have poor corrosion properties, especially cold-rolled sheet leads to exfoliation corrosion as a result of long-term immersion test. Addition of aluminum element to Mg-14 mass% Li alloy could be suppressed the occurrence of exfoliation corrosion. However, excess addition of aluminum to Mg-14 mass% Li alloy causes the degradation of corrosion resistance. In this study, the composition of aluminum in Mg-14 mass% Li was optimized to improve the corrosion property. 3 mass% of Al addition could be suppressed the corrosion rate because enough aluminum element dissolved into matrix and precipitation of the second phase was inhibited.


(Received 2016/07/07; Accepted 2016/08/08; Published 2016/09/25)

Keywords: magnesium-lithium alloy, corrosion, microstructure, AlLi phase, heat treatment

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