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Materials Transactions, Vol.57 No.10 (2016) pp.1816-1822
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Formation of Al-Ni Intermetallic Layers Lining Microchannels Produced by Powder-Metallurgical Process Using Aluminum Sacrificial Cores

Tatsuya Ohmi1 and Naoya Hayashi1

1Division of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-8628, Japan

The mechanism of in-situ formation of Al-Ni intermetallic lining layers during microchannel formation in nickel bodies by a powder-metallurgical process has been investigated. Aluminum wire was used as a sacrificial core that gives the shape of the microchannel and supplies the alloying element for the lining layer. Nickel powder compacts with 29(±1)% porosity containing aluminum wires were heated from room temperature and then quenched at various temperatures between 873 K and 1473 K. Porous intermetallic lining layers were clearly recognized at temperatures above 1073 K. Each lining layer was built up from an outward-growing layer and an inward-growing layer. Change in the voidage in the outward-growing layer during heat treatment and the formation of a high-voidage zone around the lining layer were accounted for in terms of phase equilibria and unequal diffusion rates of the alloy elements in the Al-Ni intermetallic compounds and nickel solid solution.


(Received 2016/06/03; Accepted 2016/08/10; Published 2016/09/25)

Keywords: microchannel device, microchannel heat exchanger, microreactor, microchannel lining, microporous structure, intermetallic compound, nickel aluminide, powder metallurgy, unequal diffusion rates, Kirkendall voids

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