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Materials Transactions, Vol.57 No.5 (2016)

559-572 :
Corrosion of Ultrafine Grained Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation, an Overview
Hiroyuki Miyamoto
573-581 :
High-Performance Ceramic-Lined Composite Pipes with ZrO2 Additive Prepared by Centrifugal-SHS Process
X. H. Xuan, Z. G. Su, Z. Wen, J. An and C. Liang
582-589 :
Effect of the Interfacial Thermal Resistance on the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Matrix Composites
Kenjiro Sugio, Yong-Bum Choi and Gen Sasaki
590-599 :
Fabrication of Fe-Mn-Si-Cr Shape Memory Alloy Fiber/Aluminum Matrix Smart Composite by Casting
Yoshimi Watanabe, Akihiro Yamamura and Hisashi Sato
600-607 :
Spark Sintering Behavior of Ubiquitously Fe-B and Fe Powders and Characterization of Their Hard Composites
Shaoming Kang, Zhefeng Xu, Yongbum Choi, Kenji Fujita, Kazuhiro Matsugi and Jinku Yu
608-612 :
Detection of Cracks in Metallic Objects by Arbitrary Scanning Direction Using a Double U-Shaped Orthogonal ACFM Probe
Wei Li, Xin'an Yuan, Guoming Chen, Xiaokang Yin, Jiuhao Ge, Qingxiao Kong, Yutian Zhang and Yanyun Wu
613-617 :
Substance Flow Analysis of Tantalum in Taiwan
Feng-Chi Yen, Tien-Chin Chang and Wen-Hong Xu
618-623 :
Effects of Sr+Ce on Microstructure and Abrasive Resistance of In-Situ Mg2Si/Al-Si-Cu Composites
Qingdong Qin and Wei Li
624-626 :
Effect of Aging and Stress on Stability of β Phase in Au-Cd-Ag
Yuki Matsuoka and Mao Fujita
627-630 :
Early Stage Clustering Behavior in Al-Mg-Si Alloys Observed via Time Dependent Magnetization
Katsuhiko Nishimura, Kenji Matsuda, Qiankun Lei, Takahiro Namiki, Seungwon Lee, Norio Nunomra, Teiichiro Matsuzaki and Wayne D. Hutchison
631-638 :
Effect of Si Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Dual Two-Phase Ni3Al and Ni3V Intermetallic Alloys
Yuki Hamada, Yasuyuki Kaneno and Takayuki Takasugi
639-646 :
Effect of Deformation Temperature on Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of Fe-28Mn-6Si-5Cr Shape Memory Alloy
Wataru Tasaki, Takahiro Sawaguchi, Ilya Nikulin, Kaoru Sekido and Koichi Tsuchiya
647-653 :
Effect of Boron on the Hot Ductility of Low-Carbon Nb-Ti-Microalloyed Steel
Cheng-bin Shi, Wei-jian Liu, Jing Li and Lu Yu
654-660 :
Effect of Lamination Constitution on Post-Buckling Behavior of Symmetrically Laminated Plates with Initial Deflections
Keiichi Nemoto, Hisao Kikugawa, Hiroyuki Moriyama and Hirakazu Kasuya
661-668 :
Investigation of Interfacial Friction and Inverse Flowing Behavior under the Adhesive State
Weiqi Li and Qingxian Ma
669-673 :
A Sensitive Zinc Ion Electrode Based on Electrochemically Deposited Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic onto Glassy Carbon Surface
Amina Touati, Messaoud Benounis, Abdesselam Babouri, Houcine Barhoumi and Merieme Bourourou
674-680 :
Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Laser Shock Peening by Detection of Underwater Acoustic Wave
Tomoki Takata, Manabu Enoki, Pornthep Chivavibul, Akinori Matsui and Yuji Kobayashi
681-685 :
The Effect of Fe Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloys Produced by the Prealloyed Powder Method
Osamu Kanou, Nobuo Fukada and Masashi Hayakawa
686-690 :
Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Lap-Jointed A6061/HT590 Alloys
Eun Hye Kim, Kazuhiro Nakata and Kuk Hyun Song
691-694 :
Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured 2.25CoAl-Al2O3 Composite Sintered by Pulsed Current Activated Heating
Bong-Won Kwak, Byung-Su Kim and In-Jin Shon
695-702 :
Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Hydrogen Permeability through Palladium-Silver Binary Alloy Membrane and Its Analysis Based on Hydrogen Chemical Potential
A. Suzuki, H. Yukawa, T. Nambu, Y. Matsumoto and Y. Murata
703-708 :
Fabrication and Characterization of TiO2 Nanorod Array Based Visible-Blind Ultraviolet Photodetector by Hydrothermal Process
Lay-Gaik Teoh, Jiann-Shing Lee, Yawteng Tseng and Wen-Jen Lee
709-715 :
Relation of Critical Current and n-Value of Local Sections to Those of Sample in a Multi-Filamentary Bi2223 Superconducting Composite Tape with Applied Stress-Induced Cracks
Shojiro Ochiai, Hiroshi Okuda, Hiroshi Matsubayashi, Kozo Osamura and Alex Otto
716-720 :
Effect of Hygrothermal Treatment on Reliability of Thermo-Compression Bonded FPCB/RPCB Contact Joints
Jeong-Won Yoon and Seung-Boo Jung
721-725 :
Microstructure and Wear Resistance of a Novel Mo-Ni-Si System Intermetallic Composite with Ductile Mo Phase
Chun-yan Song, Yong-liang Gui, Shi-bo Kuang, Shu-huan Wang and Ding-guo Zhao
726-731 :
Synthesis of Pure Na-X and Na-P Zeolite from Acid-Extracting Residues of CFB Fly Ash by a Single-Step Hydrothermal Method
Jingjing Zou, Chunbin Guo, Cundi Wei, Fangfei Li and Yinshan Jiang
732-737 :
Investigation of the Characteristics of Submicron-Structured Powder-Fabricated Cr50Ni50 Alloys via Different Hot-Press Sintering Pressures
Shih-Hsien Chang, Cheng-Liang Liao, Kuo-Tsung Huang and Ming-Wei Wu
738-747 :
Effect of Microstructure on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of A319 Casting Alloy for Automotive Cylinder Heads
Ki-Jae Kim and Chang-Yeol Jeong
748-750 :
Functionally Graded Al Foam Fabricated by Sintering and Dissolution Process with Remaining Spacers
Yoshihiko Hangai, Kousuke Zushida, Osamu Kuwazuru and Nobuhiro Yoshikawa
751-754 :
Lattice Parameter Dependence of Kinematic Compatibility in Martensite Microstructure of Cubic-Orthorhombic Transformation
Takeshi Teramoto, Masaki Tahara, Hideki Hosoda and Tomonari Inamura
755-757 :
Electrochemical Performance of Titanium Hydride for Bulk-Type All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries
Koji Kawahito, Liang Zeng, Takayuki Ichikawa, Hiroki Miyaoka and Yoshitsugu Kojima


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