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Materials Transactions, Vol.57 No.2 (2016)

85-90 :
The Formation and Characterization of the Primary Mg2Si Dendritic Phase in Hypereutectic Al-Mg2Si Alloys
Qingdong Qin and Wei Li
91-98 :
Microstructural Evolution during Partial Remelting of a 2024 Aluminum Alloy Prepared by Cold Pressing Ball-Milled Alloy Powders
Pu Bo Li, Ti Jun Chen, Ying Ma, Yuan Hao and Ren Guo Guan
99-102 :
Simulation of Effect of Loading Rate on Compression Properties in the Two-Dimensional Model of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels[Editor's Announcement]
Renjun Dou, Sawei Qiu and Yan Ju
103-111 :
A Thermodynamic Modeling of the Fe-Nd-Sb System
Wei Wang, Tingan Liu, Huilei Song, Songyi Xue, Wanyou Zhang, Haifeng Zhang, Lanhe Zhang, Yanping Jia, Nan Wang, Xin Cheng and Chunhui Zeng
112-118 :
Experimental Evaluation of Specific Storage in Mudstone Considering Error Using the Flow Pump Method
Minoru Sato, Masaji Kato and Manabu Takahashi
119-126 :
Inhomogeneous Texture Distribution in a Cu-Ag Lamellar Composite Processed by Cold Rolling
Xiaomeng Liu, Nan Jia, Xinli Wang, Xiang Zhao and Liang Zuo
127-134 :
Fatigue Properties of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy T-Joints Processed by Vacuum Brazing and TIG Welding
Huei Lin, Jiun-Ren Hwang and Chin-Ping Fung
135-142 :
Structural Characteristics and Particle Erosion Resistance of SIMA-Processed Al-Mg-Si Alloy
Chia-Wei Lin, Fei-Yi Hung, Truan-Sheng Lui and Li-Hui Chen
143-147 :
Solubility Measurements of Fe2O3 and Cr2O3 in Fused Na2B4O7-B2O3 in Air at 1173 K
Ryutaro Toki, Takashi Doi and Nobuo Otsuka
148-155 :
Weathering Steel in Industrial-Marine-Urban Environment: Field Study
P. Dhaiveegan, N. Elangovan, T. Nishimura and N. Rajendran
156-162 :
Formation of Various Types of Globules in Co-Cu-Si-B Immiscible Alloy with Amorphous Phase
Takeshi Nagase
163-167 :
Effects of Mechanical Vibration Factors on Size and Shape of Solid Particles in JIS AC4CH Aluminum Alloy Semi-Solid Slurry
Yuichiro Murakami, Kenji Miwa, Masayuki Kito, Takashi Honda, Naoyuki Kanetake and Shuji Tada
168-173 :
Fluidity Evaluation of the AC4CH (A356) Aluminum Alloy Semi-Solid Slurry Made by Mechanical Vibration Method
Yuichiro Murakami, Kenji Miwa, Masayuki Kito, Takashi Honda, Naoyuki Kanetake and Shuji Tada
174-182 :
The Effect of Sub-Critical Heat Treatment on Hardness, Retained Austenite and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Hypoeutectic 16 mass% Cr-2 mass% Mo Cast Iron with Varying Vanadium Content
Pisizchai Kosasu, Sudsakorn Inthidech, Keartisak Sriprateep and Yasuhiro Matsubara
183-187 :
Effects of Fixing Carbon Nanoparticle to AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Chip Surface on Thixomold Forming
Yoshiaki Hashimoto, Makoto Hino, Yutaka Mitooka, Koji Murakami and Teruto Kanadani
188-192 :
Effect of Electromagnetic Forces on Separation of Two Immiscible Liquids in the Fe-Cu-C System
Takuya Tamura
193-200 :
Effects of Titanium and Boron Additions with Cooling Rates on Solidification Behavior in Aluminum Alloys for Automotive Applications
JaeHwang Kim, DongHoon Nam, HooDam Lee, KyungMoon Lee, TaeGyu Lee, HoonMo Park and Jongkook Lee
201-206 :
Magnetic Properties of Iron Core Compacted Powders Coated with Magnetic Insulative Film
Junghwan Hwang, Takeshi Hattori and Yuji Kaneko
207-211 :
High-Coercivity Fe-Co Nanoparticles Prepared by Pulsed Arc Plasma Deposition
Daiki Horiyama, Masashi Matsuura, Tetsuro Yamamoto, Nobuki Tezuka and Satoshi Sugimoto


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