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Materials Transactions, Vol.56 No.10 (2015)

1615-1625 :
Recent Advances in TASC (Thermal Activation of Semi-Conductors) Technology for Environmental Issues Focused on the Disassembly and Recycling of Solar Panels and Laminated Glass —A New Technology Characterized by Radical Propagation in Giant Molecules—
Jin Mizuguchi, Shigeru Suzuki, Masahiko Kaneko and Hiroo Takahashi
1626-1632 :
Effects of Coiling Temperature on the Microstructures, Mechanical Properties and Textures of 08Al Deep Drawing Steel Sheet
Feng Shi, Bao-Cai Wu, Da-Peng Yin, Yang Qi, Xiao-Wu Li and Chun-Ming Liu
1633-1638 :
Effect of Focal Depth of HAADF-STEM Imaging on the Solute Enriched Layers in Mg Alloys
Takanori Kiguchi, Yohei Yamaguchi, Shunya Tashiro, Kazuhisa Sato and Toyohiko J. Konno
1639-1647 :
Automatic Reconstruction Approach to Characterization of Prior-Austenite Microstructure in Various Japanese Swords
Anh H. Pham, Takuya Ohba, Shigekazu Morito and Taisuke Hayashi
1648-1657 :
Frictional and Wear Behavior of Commercially Pure Ti, Ti-6Al-7Nb, and SUS316L Stainless Steel in Artificial Saliva at 310 K
Eri Miura-Fujiwara, Tetsuya Okumura and Tohru Yamasaki
1658-1663 :
Strain Softening Induced by High Pressure Torsion in Copper Alloys
Yanzhao Pang, Peng Li, Hyoung Seop Kim, Yulan Gong, Yu Shen, Lele Sun and Xinkun Zhu
1664-1669 :
Electrodeposition Behavior of Zn-Fe Alloy from Zincate Solution Containing Triethanolamine
Hiroaki Nakano, Shingo Arakawa, Satoshi Oue and Shigeo Kobayashi
1670-1674 :
Refinement of Thermodynamic Parameters of the Mg24Y5, W and H Phases in the Mg-Zn-Y System
Satoshi Minamoto, Toshiaki Horiuchi and Seiji Miura
1675-1682 :
Compositional Optimization of Al-Mn-X Alloys and, Their Tensile and Corrosion Properties
Kazuhiro Matsugi, Shinji Yamamura, Zhe-Feng Xu, Yong-Bum Choi, Kenjiro Sugio, Gen Sasaki and Nobuyuki Oda
1683-1687 :
Thermal Stress-Based Diffusion Bonding Method: the Case of Oxygen Free Copper to 316L Stainless Steel
Takashi Harumoto, Osamu Ohashi, Hiroki Tsushima, Miho Narui, Kensaku Aihara and Takashi Ishiguro
1688-1692 :
Alloying Effects on Hydrogen Solubility and Hydrogen Permeability for V-Based Alloy Membranes
A. Suzuki, H. Yukawa, S. Ijiri, T. Nambu, Y. Matsumoto and Y. Murata
1693-1697 :
Nickel Formation on Graphite Sheet Surface for Improving Wettability with Magnesium Alloy
Youqiang Yao, Zhefeng Xu, Kenjiro Sugio, Yongbum Choi, Shaoming Kang, Ruidong Fu and Gen Sasaki
1698-1702 :
Influence of Swaging on the Magnetic Properties of Zn-Bonded Sm-Fe-N Magnets
Kohei Kataoka, Masashi Matsuura, Nobuki Tezuka and Satoshi Sugimoto
1703-1710 :
Evaluation of Adhesion of Hydroxyapatite Films Fabricated on Biomedical β-Type Titanium Alloy after Immersion in Ringer’s Solution
Junko Hieda, Mitsuo Niinomi, Masaaki Nakai, Ken Cho and Ayaka Matsubara
1711-1718 :
Contact Resistance Comparison of Flip-Chip Joints Produced with Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive and Nonconductive Adhesive for Smart Textile Applications
Jung-Yeol Choi and Tae Sung Oh
1719-1724 :
Thermoelectric Power-Generation Characteristics of a Thin-Film Device Processed by the Flip-Chip Bonding of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 Thin-Film Legs Using an Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive
Kang-Je Shin and Tae-Sung Oh
1725-1732 :
Coral Sand Solidification Test Based on Microbially Induced Carbonate Precipitation Using Ureolytic Bacteria
Md. Nakibul Hasan Khan, G. G. N. N. Amarakoon, Suguru Shimazaki and Satoru Kawasaki
1733-1741 :
Silicate Covering Layer on Pyrite Surface in the Presence of Silicon-Catechol Complex for Acid Mine Drainage Prevention
Mutia Dewi Yuniati, Tsuyoshi Hirajima, Hajime Miki and Keiko Sasaki
1742-1746 :
Effects of Pulse Bias Duty Cycle on Composition, Structure and Hardness of Ti-Cu-N Nanocomposite Films Deposited by Pulse Biased Arc Ion Plating
W. Wang, Y. H. Zhao, Z. B. Fu, W. J. Yang, B. H. Yu and T. A. Liu
1747-1755 :
Compositional Optimization of β Type Titanium Alloys with Shape Memory Ability and Their Characteristics
Kazuhiro Matsugi, Hiroyuki Kishimoto, Daiki Yamakawa, Zhe-Feng Xu and Yong-Bum Choi
1756-1758 :
Magnesium Sorting by Vibrating Particulate Bed from Mixed Metal Scrap
Taiki Morishige, Keigo Tsujita, Soshiro Murasa and Toshihide Takenaka


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