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Materials Transactions, Vol.56 No.9 (2015)

1315-1315 :
Hoang Nam Nhat, Pham Duc Thang, Tomoyuki Yamamoto and Masato Yoshiya
1316-1319 :
Magnetocaloric Effect in La0.7Ca0.25Ba0.05MnO3 Nanocrystals Exhibiting the Crossover of First- and Second-Order Magnetic Phase Transformation
Tran Dang Thanh, Dinh Chi Linh, Hoang Thanh Van, Thi Anh Ho, Tien Van Manh, Le Viet Bau, The-Long Phan and Seng-Cho Yu
1320-1322 :
First Order Magnetization Process in Polycrystalline Perovskite Manganite
Giang H. Bach, Oanh K. T. Nguyen, Chinh V. Nguyen and Cong T. Bach
1323-1326 :
Spin-Transfer Torque Switching at Ultra Low Current Densities
Johannes Christian Leutenantsmeyer, Vladyslav Zbarsky, Marvin von der Ehe, Steffen Wittrock, Patrick Peretzki, Henning Schuhmann, Andy Thomas, Karsten Rott, Günter Reiss, Tae Hee Kim, Michael Seibt and Markus Münzenberg
1327-1330 :
Magnetic Behaviors of Arrays of Co-Ni-P Nanorod: Effects of Applied Magnetic Field
Luu Van Thiem, Pham Duc Thang, Dang Duc Dung, Le Tuan Tu and CheolGi Kim
1331-1334 :
Critical Behavior of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 Nanoparticles
T. A. Ho, T. D. Thanh, T. V. Manh, T. O. Ho, P. D. Thang, T. L. Phan and S. C. Yu
1335-1338 :
Effect of Cerium Doping on Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of La1−yCeyFe11.44Si1.56 Compounds
Do Thi Kim Anh, Vuong Van Hiep, Makio Kurisu, Dinh Van Chau and Hoang Nam Nhat
1339-1343 :
Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Nickel-Doped Wide Band Gap Ferroelectric Bi0.5K0.5TiO3 Nanocrystals
Duong Van Thiet, Do Duc Cuong, Luong Huu Bac, Le Viet Cuong, Ha Dang Khoa, Sunglae Cho, Nguyen Hoang Tuan and Dang Duc Dung
1344-1349 :
Atomistic Analyses of Competition between Site-Selective Segregation and Association of Point Defects at Grain Boundary in Y2O3-Doped ZrO2
T. Yokoi, M. Yoshiya and H. Yasuda
1350-1353 :
Stability of 12CaO·7Al2O3 Crystal under High-Pressure: Experimental and First-Principles Approaches
Hidenobu Murata, Masashi Miyakawa, Isao Tanaka and Takashi Taniguchi
1354-1357 :
Ni2O3 Decoration of WO3 Thin Film for High Sensitivity NH3 Gas Sensor
Nguyen Minh Vuong, Tran Nam Trung, Truong Thi Hien, Nguyen Duc Chinh, Nguyen Duc Quang, Dongsuk Lee, Dahye Kim, The-Long Phan and Dojin Kim
1358-1361 :
Physical Properties of Sol-Gel Lead Nickel Titanate Powder Pb(Ti1−xNix)O3
Le Thi Mai Oanh, Danh Bich Do and Nguyen Van Minh
1362-1364 :
Large Electrical Resistance Variation at Low Temperature in Transition Metal-Doped Ge Single Crystals
Jiyoun Choi, Jeongyong Choi, Sungyoul Choi, Jongphil Kim and Sunglae Cho
1365-1369 :
Investigation of the Influence of Singly and Dually Doping Effect on Scattering Mechanisms and Thermoelectric Properties of Perovskite-Type STO
Trinh Quang Thong, Le Thi Thu Huong and Nguyen Trong Tinh
1370-1373 :
Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead-Free BCT-xBZT Solid Solutions
Dang Anh Tuan, Nguyen Trong Tinh, Vo Thanh Tung and Truong Van Chuong
1374-1377 :
Dielectric Relaxation of Ba1−xCaxTiO3 (x = 0.0-0.3)
Le Van Hong, Nguyen Van Khien and Truong Van Chuong
1378-1382 :
Microstructural and Ferroelectric Properties of Bi0.5(Na,K)0.5TiO3-Based Modified by Bi0.5Li0.5TiO3 Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics
D. D. Dung, D. V. Thiet, N. V. Quyet, L. H. Bac and S. Cho
1383-1386 :
Stable Gold Carbide Nanostructures
Nguyen Khac Thuan, Vuong Van Hiep, Do Thi Kim Anh and Hoang Nam Nhat
1387-1389 :
Flexible and Transparent Conducting ZZO/Ag/ZZO Multilayer Grown by Sputtering at Room Temperature
Jung Hsiang Lee, Li Shu Tu, Kuo Chi Dai, Bo Rui Jhang and Bo Yuan Li
1390-1393 :
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Nucleotides and Metallic Nanoparticles Interaction on a Carbon Nanotube Matrix
M. A. Khusenov, E. B. Dushanov and Kh. T. Kholmurodov
1394-1398 :
Fabrication of Mn-Bi Nanoparticles by High Energy Ball Milling
Nguyen Mau Lam, Tran Minh Thi, Pham Thi Thanh, Nguyen Hai Yen and Nguyen Huy Dan
1399-1402 :
Pt- and Ag-Decorated Carbon Nanotube Network Layers for Enhanced NH3 Gas Sensitivity at Room Temperature
Nguyen Q. Lich, Tran P. Thanh, Duong V. Truong, Pham T. Kien, Nguyen C. Tu, Luong H. Bac, Dang D. Vuong, Nguyen D. Chien and Nguyen H. Lam
1403-1407 :
Kinetics of CO Oxidation over Pt-Modified CuO Nanocatalysts
Luu C. Loc, Nguyen Tri, Hoang T. Cuong and Ha C. Anh
1408-1411 :
The Dependence of a Quantum Acoustoelectric Current on Some Qualities in a Cylindrical Quantum Wire with an Infinite Potential GaAs/GaAsAl
Nguyen Vu Nhan, Nguyen Van Nghia and Nguyen Van Hieu
1412-1415 :
Crystal Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of Eu-Doped Y2O3 Nanoparticles Prepared by Mechanical Milling
T. L. Phan, D. N. Chung, P. D. Thang, P. T. Huyen, T. V. Manh, T. A. Ho, T. D. Thanh, N. M. Vuong, B. W. Lee and S. C. Yu
1416-1418 :
Judd-Ofelt Analysis of Eu3+ Emission in TiO2 Anatase Nanoparticles
Mikhail G. Brik, Željka M. Antić, Katarina Vuković and Miroslav D. Dramićanin
1419-1421 :
Luminescence Properties of Ce/Tb/Sm Co-Doped Tellurite Glass for White Leds Application
Tran Thi Hong, Pham Duc Huyen Yen, Vu Xuan Quang and Phan Tien Dung
1422-1424 :
Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Samarium Doped Lanthanum Orthophosphate Nanowires
Le Van Vu, Duong Thi Mai Huong, Vu Thi Hai Yen and Nguyen Ngoc Long
1425-1427 :
Quantum Chemical Study of the 1:1 Complex between Ferrocene and Zinc Porphyrin, a Building-Block of Charge-Transfer Molecular Materials
Fabio Pichierri, Akiko Sekine and Tomoyuki Yamamoto
1428-1430 :
Fabrication of Solid Contact Ion Selective Electrode for Mercury (II) Using Conductive Polymer Membrane
Pham Thi Ngoc Mai and Phan Tri Hoa
1431-1433 :
Sorting and Trapping Human Cells Using a Matrix of Square Micro-Magnets
L. V. Cuong, N. X. Nghia and P. D. Thang
1434-1440 :
Magnetic Poly(Vinylsulfonic-co-Divinylbenzene) Catalysts for Direct Conversion of Cellulose into 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Using Ionic Liquids
Trung-Dzung Nguyen, Huy-Du Nguyen, Phuong-Tung Nguyen and Hoang-Duy Nguyen
1441-1444 :
Retrieval of Interatomic Separation from High-Order Harmonic Spectra Using the Electron Interference Effect
Cam-Tu Le, Van-Hung Hoang, Ngoc-Ty Nguyen and Van-Hoang Le
1445-1447 :
In Situ Measurements of Work Function of Indium Tin Oxide after UV/Ozone Treatment
Daisuke Yamashita, Atsushi Ishizaki and Tomoyuki Yamamoto
1448-1451 :
Ab-Initio Multiplet Calculations of Fe-L2,3 X-ray Absorption Spectra in LiFePO4 and FePO4
Hidekazu Ikeno
1452-1456 :
First Principles Calculation of Thermal Expansion of Carbon and Boron Nitrides Based on Quasi-Harmonic Approximation
Tetsuya Tohei, Hak-Sung Lee and Yuichi Ikuhara
1457-1460 :
Local Environment Analysis of Na Ions in β-Tricalcium Phosphate by X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Measurements and First-Principles Calculations
Kazuhiko Kawabata, Tomoyuki Yamamoto and Akihiko Kitada
1461-1466 :
Interface Energies of Hetero- and Homo-Phase Boundaries and Their Impact on δ-γ Massive-Like Phase Transformations in Carbon Steel
Masato Yoshiya, Kenta Nakajima, Manabu Watanabe, Nobufumi Ueshima, Tomoya Nagira and Hideyuki Yasuda
1467-1474 :
Concurrent γ-Phase Nucleation as a Possible Mechanism of δ-γ Massive-like Phase Transformation in Carbon Steel: Numerical Analysis Based on Effective Interface Energy
Masato Yoshiya, Manabu Watanabe, Kenta Nakajima, Nobufumi Ueshima, Koki Hashimoto, Tomoya Nagira and Hideyuki Yasuda
1475-1483 :
Yet Another Marked Difference among Impurities as Modifier Elements for Refinement of Eutectic Si in Al-Si Alloys
Yosuke Suzuki-Yamamoto, Ryota Ozaki, Masato Yoshiya, Tomoya Nagira and Hideyuki Yasuda
1484-1487 :
Magnetic Structure of Mn Films on Cu3Au(100) Revealed by Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Achiri Tange, Chunlei Gao, Chen-Tien Chiang, Minn-Tsong Lin, Wulf Wulfhekel and Jürgen Kirschner
1488-1490 :
Simulation of the Magnetic Hysteresis Loop in Ferrimagnetism
Morishige Yoneda, Shuji Obata and Masaaki Niwa
1491-1495 :
Phase Transformation and Properties of Fe-Cr-Co Alloys with Low Cobalt Content
Qiuzhi Gao, Minglong Gong, Yingling Wang, Fu Qu and Jianeng Huang
1496-1500 :
Acoustic Emission Measurements on Metal-Hydrogenation Process by Using Electrochemical Charging Cell
Jiaxiang Piao, Hiroya Shoji, Takahiro Murakami, Ryousuke Shiina and Shuji Harada
1501-1504 :
Analysis of Non-Monotonic Temperature Behavior of the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in Fe-Ni Alloys Studied by First-Principles Cluster Variation Method
Ryo Yamada, Ying Chen and Tetsuo Mohri
1505-1508 :
Evaluation of the Tensile Strength of Electron Beam Irradiated Powdered Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Prior to Sintering
Masae Kanda, Tiana Deplancke, Olivier Lame, Yoshitake Nishi and Jean-Yves Cavaille
1509-1512 :
Ability of Hydroxyapatite Synthesized from Waste Oyster Shells to Remove Fluoride Ions
Sota Terasaka, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Taishi Yokoi and Hideaki Matsubara
1513-1516 :
Diffusivity and Solubility of Cu in a Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Studied by Atom Probe Tomography[Editor's Announcement]
Masaki Shimodaira, Takeshi Toyama, Fumihiko Takahama, Naoki Ebisawa, Yasuko Nozawa, Yasuo Shimizu, Koji Inoue and Yasuyoshi Nagai
1517-1522 :
Effects of Homogeneous Low Energy Electron Beam Irradiation (HLEBI) on Adhesive Force of Peeling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Polymer (CFRP) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Chisato Kubo, Masae Kanda and Yoshitake Nishi
1523-1529 :
Investigation of the Microstructure and Corrosion Properties of Friction Stir Processed Cast NiAl Bronze
Yuting Lv, Liqiang Wang, Xiaoyan Xu, Yuanfei Han and Weijie Lu
1530-1538 :
Effects of Reheating Temperature and Time on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Thixoforged ZW21 Alloy
Ti Jun Chen, Hui Guo, Ying Ma and Yuan Hao
1539-1543 :
Microstructural Evaluation of Ti(C0.7N0.3)-Mo2C-xNbC-Ni Cermets
Hiroyuki Hosokawa, Kiyotaka Katou, Koji Shimojima, Ryoichi Furushima and Akihiro Matsumoto
1544-1548 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Large-Scale Ingots of the Zr-1Mo Alloy
Maki Ashida, Tomohiro Sugimoto, Naoyuki Nomura, Yusuke Tsutsumi, Peng Chen, Hisashi Doi and Takao Hanawa
1549-1552 :
Radiation Defects Formed in Ion-Irradiated 316L Stainless Steel Model Alloys with Different Si Additions
Dongyue Chen, Kenta Murakami, Kenji Dohi, Kenji Nishida, Naoki Soneda, Zhengcao Li, Li Liu and Naoto Sekimura
1553-1557 :
Influence of Nb Addition on Phase Constitution and Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Ti-Zr Based Alloys
Yusuke Hisata, Equo Kobayashi and Tatsuo Sato
1558-1564 :
Relation between n-Value and Critical Current in Filamentary and Coated Superconducting Tapes with Tensile Stress-Induced Cracks
Shojiro Ochiai, Hiroshi Okuda, Masahiro Fujimoto and Kozo Osamura
1565-1572 :
Sand Cementation Test using Plant-Derived Urease and Calcium Phosphate Compound
R. A. N. Dilrukshi, Jun Watanabe and Satoru Kawasaki
1573-1578 :
Substance Flow Analysis of Indium in Taiwan
Tien-Chin Chang, Feng-Chi Yen and Wen-Hong Xu
1579-1584 :
Fundamental Studies on a Recycling System for Precious and Rare Metals Using a Propylene Carbonate Solvent Containing CuBr2 and KBr
Kana Umehara and Yasunari Matsuno
1585-1590 :
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of 440C Stainless Steel Strengthened with TaC via Vacuum Sintering and Heat Treatments
Kuo-Tsung Huang, Shih-Hsien Chang, Chih-Kai Wang and Jhewn-Kuang Chen
1591-1598 :
Effects of Heat Treatment and Extrusion on Microstructure and Properties of A390 Alloy Hollow Billet Fabricated via DC Casting
Kesheng Zuo, Haitao Zhang, Ke Qin, Xing Han, Bo Shao and Jianzhong Cui
1599-1604 :
Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of AISI 409L Stainless Steel Aluminized by Hot-Dip Coating Method in Automotive Exhaust Gas Solution
Min-Jun Kim, Seok-Ho Woo and Jung-Gu Kim
1605-1608 :
Improvement of Riser Efficiency Using High-Intensity Ultrasonic Treatment in A356 Alloy
Sang-Soo Shin, Woo-Chun Kim, Kyou-Hyun Kim and Jeong-Wook Park
1609-1612 :
Effect of Zn Content and Solution Treatment on Damping Capacities of Mg-Zn Casting Alloys
Joong-Hwan Jun
1613-1613 :
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