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Materials Transactions, Vol.56 No.5 (2015)

617-624 :
Visualization of Electrochemical Reactions in All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries by Spatially Resolved Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy and Electron Holography
Kazuo Yamamoto, Yasutoshi Iriyama and Tsukasa Hirayama
625-634 :
Martensitic Transformation and Superelastic Properties of Ti-Nb Base Alloys
Hee Young Kim and Shuichi Miyazaki
635-641 :
The Effect of Aluminum on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ATI 718Plus Alloy
Minqing Wang, Qun Deng, Jinhui Du, Zhiling Tian and Jing Zhu
642-647 :
The Effect on Diesel Injector Wear, and Exhaust Emissions by Using Ultralow Sulphur Diesel Blending with Biofuels
De-Xing Peng
648-654 :
Comparison of Structural Relaxation Behavior in As-Cast and Pre-Annealed Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses Just below Glass Transition
Osami Haruyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa, Yoshikatsu Yamazaki, Yoshihiko Yokoyama and Takeshi Egami
655-660 :
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of the Microstructure of the CaO-P2O5-SiO2 Slag System with Varying P2O5/SiO2 Ratios
Guozheng Fan, Jiang Diao, Lu Jiang, Zhen Zhang and Bing Xie
661-664 :
Phase Formation and Interfacial Phenomena of the In-Situ Combustion Reaction of Al-Ti-C in TiC/Mg Composites
Ilguk Jo, Seol Jeon, Eunkyung Lee, Seungchan Cho and Heesoo Lee
665-670 :
Effects of Molybdenum Microstructures on Sputtered Films
Jhewn-Kuang Chen, Bing-Hua Tsai and Hung-Shen Huang
671-678 :
Evaluation of Dislocation Density for 1100 Aluminum with Different Grain Size during Tensile Deformation by Using In-Situ X-ray Diffraction Technique
Hiroki Adachi, Yoji Miyajima, Masugu Sato and Nobuhiro Tsuji
679-686 :
Evolution of Permeability during Fracturing Processes in Rocks under Conditions of Geological Storage of CO2
Takashi Fujii, Takahiro Funatsu, Yasuki Oikawa, Masao Sorai and Xinglin Lei
687-690 :
Simulation of Apparent Elastic Property in the Two-Dimensional Model of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels
Sawei Qiu, Xinna Zhang, Qingxian Hao, Renjun Dou, Yan Ju and Yuebo Hu
691-695 :
Effect of Alloying Elements and Generation of Hydrogen Gas on Zincate Treatment and Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus Plating of Aluminum Alloys
Koji Murakami, Makoto Hino, Norihito Nagata and Teruto Kanadani
696-702 :
Examination of Electrical Conduction of Carbonyl Iron Powder Compacts
Yongquan Ye, Xiaoqiang Li, Donghai Zheng, ShengGuan Qu and Yuanyuan Li
703-706 :
Estimation Procedure for Volume Fraction of Minor and Rod Phase Aligned Unidirectionally in a Matrix
H. Esaka, J. Machida and K. Shinozuka
707-714 :
Relation between the Solidification Condition and Volume Fraction of Rod-Like Eutectic Cu6Sn5 Phase in the Eutectic Structure in Sn-Cu Alloys
H. Esaka, J. Machida, Y. Takamatsu and K. Shinozuka
715-719 :
Accurate Prediction of Welding Stress Evolution by Considering Improved Phase Transformation Model
Yongzhi Li, Hao Lu, Chun Yu and Yixiong Wu
720-725 :
Effect of Carbon Content on Heat Treatment Behavior of Multi-Alloyed White Cast Iron for Abrasive Wear Resistance
Jatupon Opapaiboon, Prasonk Sricharoenchai, Sudsakorn Inthidech and Yasuhiro Matsubara
726-732 :
Load Dependence of Nanoindentation Behaviour and Phase Transformation of Annealed Single-Crystal Silicon
Woei-Shyan Lee and Shuo-Ling Chang
733-737 :
Electrochemical Leaching of Tungsten from Hard Metal Alloy Using Molten Sodium Hydroxide
Yuki Kamimoto, Masanori Kamiya, Ren Kasuga, Takeshi Hagio, Kensuke Kuroda and Ryoichi Ichino
738-742 :
Recovery of Platinum from Chloride Leaching Solutions of Spent Reforming Catalysts by Ion Exchange
Pan-Pan Sun, Tae-Young Kim, Byoung-Jun Min, Hyoung-Il Song and Sung-Yong Cho
743-748 :
Numerical Simulation of a U-Shaped ACFM Inducer
Wenpei Zheng, Laibin Zhang, Yinao Su and Taian Fang
749-754 :
Effects of Cu Addition on the Microstructure and Localized Corrosion Resistance of Hyper Duplex Stainless Steels Aged at 748 K
Kyeong-Ho Kong, Soon-Hyeok Jeon, Soon-Tae Kim, Do-Hyang Kim, Byoung-Jin Kim, Hwan-Uk Guim, Moon-Byung Moon and Yong-Soo Park
755-758 :
Solid/Powder Clad Ti-6Al-4V Alloy with Low Young’s Modulus and High Toughness Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting
Naoko Ikeo, Takuya Ishimoto, Natsumi Hiramoto, Hidetsugu Fukuda, Hiroyuki Ogisu, Yutaro Araki and Takayoshi Nakano
759-765 :
Effect of Heat Treatment on Ordered Structures and Mechanical Properties of Fe-6.5 mass%Si Alloy
Hui Li, Yong-Feng Liang and Feng Ye
766-773 :
Amenability Testing of Fine Coal Beneficiation Using Laboratory Flotation Column
Chul-Hyun Park, Nimal Subasinghe and Oh-Hyung Han
774-776 :
A Trial on Detecting Fluctuations in Bulk Metallic Glass Beams by Strain Contrast Variation Method-Use of High Energy Small-Angle Scattering
Hiroshi Okuda, Yusuke Maezawa, Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Shinji Kohara and Shojiro Ochiai


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