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Materials Transactions, Vol.56 No.1 (2015)

1-9 :
Reaction-Mediator-Based Chlorination for the Recycling of Titanium Metal Scrap Utilizing Chloride Waste
Yu-ki Taninouchi, Yuki Hamanaka and Toru H. Okabe
10-16 :
Temperature Dependent Current-Voltage and Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics of an Au/n-Type Si Schottky Barrier Diode Modified Using a PEDOT:PSS Interlayer
Zagarzusem Khurelbaatar, Kyu-Hwan Shim, Jaehee Cho, Hyobong Hong, V. Rajagopal Reddy and Chel-Jong Choi
17-22 :
Influence of the Initial Texture on Texture Formation of High Temperature Deformation in AZ80 Magnesium Alloy
Kwon-Hoo Kim, Kazuto Okayasu and Hiroshi Fukutomi
23-29 :
Effects of Initial States on the Spinodal Decomposition of Quenched and Melt-Spun Cu-15Ni-8Sn Alloy
Shin-ichiro Kondo, Akinori Masusaki, Kento Ogawa, Takao Morimura and Hiromichi Nakashima
30-39 :
Kinetics of Solid-State Reactive Diffusion in the (Pd-Cr)/Sn System
Masaki Hashiba, Koji Masui and Masanori Kajihara
40-45 :
Microstructure and Texture Evolution of the Al-20Sn Alloy Processed by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing Using Route C
C. Hernández, I. A. Figueroa, I. Alfonso, C. Braham, P. Castillo and G. Gonzalez
46-53 :
Plastic Deformation and Damage Behaviors of Fe-18Cr-18Mn-0.63N High-Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel under Uniaxial Tension and Compression
Chen-Wei Shao, Feng Shi, Wei-Wei Guo and Xiao-Wu Li
54-60 :
Weibull Statistics of Tensile-Shear Strength of 5083 Aluminum Alloy after Friction Stir Spot Welding
Chia-Wei Lin, Fei-Yi Hung, Truan-Sheng Lui and Li-Hui Chen
61-69 :
Prediction of In-Plane Anisotropy of Bendability Based on Orientation Distribution Function for Polycrystalline Face-Centered Cubic Metal Sheets with Various Textures
Hirofumi Inoue
70-77 :
Development of Manufacturing Technology for Direct Recycling Cemented Carbide (WC-Co) Tool Scraps
Saharat Wongsisa, Panya Srichandr and Nuchthana Poolthong
78-84 :
Effects of Copper Addition on the Passivity and Corrosion Behavior of 27Cr-7Ni Hyper Duplex Stainless Steels in Sulfuric Acid Solution
Soon-Hyeok Jeon, Hye-Jin Kim, Kyeong-Ho Kong and Yong-Soo Park
85-90 :
Effects of Silica Nanoparticle Co-Deposition on Macrothrowing Power of Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plating from an Acid Sulfate Bath
Makoto Hino, Koji Murakami, Ken Muraoka, Norihito Nagata and Teruto Kanadani
91-98 :
Enhancement of Visible Light Absorbance and Hydrophobicity by Sputter-Coating of PTFE onto Fine Protrusions Formed by Sputter-Etching of Steels
Rongguang Wang, Keijiro Nakasa, Takashi Kubo, Akihiro Yamamoto and Junya Kaneko
99-107 :
Grain Refinement of Al3Ti Dispersed Aluminum Matrix Composites by Reaction Centrifugal Mixed-Powder Method
Kazuya Yamauchi, Takahiro Kunimine, Hisashi Sato and Yoshimi Watanabe
108-112 :
Diamond-Reinforced Metal Matrix Bulk Materials Fabricated by a Low-Pressure Cold-Spray Process
Hansang Kwon, Seungchan Cho and Akira Kawasaki
113-119 :
Welding of AA 6028 Aluminum Alloy and Its Nanocomposite Using Different Filler Materials
Hashem F. El-Labban and Essam R. I. Mahmoud
120-128 :
An Investigation of Reflection Coefficients of the T(0,1) Mode Guided Waves at Axisymmetric Defects and Inverse Problem Analyses for Estimations of Defect Shapes
Hideo Nishino
129-134 :
Effects of Hydrogenation-Disproportionation-Desorption-Recombination Processing Parameters on the Particle Size of Ultrafine Jet-Milled Nd-Fe-B Powders
Michihide Nakamura, Masashi Matsuura, Nobuki Tezuka, Satoshi Sugimoto, Yasuhiro Une, Hirokazu Kubo and Masato Sagawa
135-139 :
Toxicity Assessment of Fe-Mn-Al Ternary Alloys Using a Probit Dose-Response Model and an Augmented Simplex Design
Shih-Hang Chang, Bor-Yann Chen and Chin-He Chiang
140-148 :
Effect of Distance between Orifices in Column Type Pneumatic Separator for Waste Electronic Devices
Naohito Hayashi and Tatsuya Oki
149-153 :
Effects of Chemical Properties and Roughness on Anisotropic Wetting Observed on Machined Surfaces
Shu Liming, Liang Yande, He Fuben and Zhang Hongzhe
154-159 :
Application of High Pressure Gas Jet Mill Process to Fabricate High Performance Harmonic Structure Designed Pure Titanium
Mie Ota, Sanjay Kumar Vajpai, Ryota Imao, Kazuaki Kurokawa and Kei Ameyama
160-166 :
Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy Composite Reinforced with Potassium Hexatitanate Short Fiber
Kazunori Asano, Hiroyuki Yoneda, Yasuyuki Agari, Mitsuaki Matsumuro and Kenji Higashi
167-170 :
Preparation of Ti Ternary Alloys by Addition of Si to Ti-Mo Alloy Scraps for Carbonitride Application
Jung-Min Oh, Ki-Min Roh, Hanjung Kwon, Back-Kyu Lee, Chang-Youl Suh and Jae-Won Lim
171-174 :
Mechanochemical Synthesis and Fast Low-Temperature Consolidation of Nanostructured Ni-ZrO2 Composite and Its Mechanical Properties
Ju-Kwon Lee and In-Jin Shon


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