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Materials Transactions, Vol.55 No.10 (2014)

1521-1524 :
Effect of Doping for Epitaxial (Ba1−xYbx)(Fe0.2Zr0.8)O3−δ Thin Films with Yb
Ryoichi Shinoda, Norie Hirao, Yuji Baba, Akihiro Iwase and Toshiyuki Matsui
1525-1530 :
Effects of Temperature and Strain Rate on Plastic Deformation of Ultrafine-Grained Copper Prepared by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
Satoshi Okubo, Hiroki Abe, Yoji Miyajima, Toshiyuki Fujii, Susumu Onaka and Masaharu Kato
1531-1535 :
Peierls Barrier of Screw Dislocation in bcc Iron at Finite Temperature
Hideki Mori
1536-1539 :
Preparation of Iron Doped Hydroxyapatite Microsphere by Mist Process
Mitsutaka Sato and Atsushi Nakahira
1540-1546 :
The Effect of Surface Machining on the High-Temperature Oxidation of a Single Crystal Ni-Based Superalloy
Nairong Sun, Lanting Zhang, Zhigang Li, Feng Sun, Xianping Dong and Aidang Shan
1547-1552 :
Nano Structure and Electrochemical Behavior of the Rust Formed on Ni Bearing Steel after Exposure Tests in a Tropical Indian Environment
T. Nishimura and N. Rajendran
1553-1556 :
In-Situ Monitoring of Oxide Ion Induced Breakdown in Amorphous Tantalum Oxide Thin Film Using Acoustic Emission Measurement
Takashi Tsuchiya, Kaita Ito, Shogo Miyoshi, Manabu Enoki and Shu Yamaguchi
1557-1563 :
Mechanical Properties and Tool Life of Friction-Stir-Welded DP590 Using the Si3N4 Tool
Young-Gon Kim, In-Ju Kim, Ji-Sun Kim and Jae-Hyun Park
1564-1567 :
Tensile Strength of Al/ABS-CFRP Joint Reinforced by Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber Cloth
Kazuma Shiraishi, Shigehito Inui, Sho Ishii, Yoshihito Matsumura and Yoshitake Nishi
1568-1574 :
Microstructural Evolution of As-Cast 3.5%NiCrMoV Steel Containing Centimeter-Scale Grain Structure during Reheating and Plastic Deformation
Wen Long Zhao and Qing Xian Ma
1575-1581 :
The Effects of Fe2P and Fe3P Intermediate Equilibrium Phases on Glass-Forming Ability of Fe76Si9B10P5 Bulk Metallic Glass
Akira Takeuchi and Akihiro Makino
1582-1586 :
Effect of Annealing on Magnetic Properties of Ultrafine Jet-Milled Nd-Fe-B Powders
Michihide Nakamura, Masashi Matsuura, Nobuki Tezuka, Satoshi Sugimoto, Yasuhiro Une, Hirokazu Kubo and Masato Sagawa
1587-1590 :
Shear Strength of Adhesive Lamination Joint of Aluminum and CFRP Sheets Treated by Homogeneous Low Energy Electron Beam Irradiation Prior to Lamination Assembly and Hot-Press
Takumi Okada, Masae Kanda, Michael C. Faudree and Yoshitake Nishi
1591-1598 :
Computer Simulations on Barkhausen Effects and Magnetizations in Fe Nano-Structure Systems[Editor's Announcement]
Shuji Obata
1599-1605 :
Two-Dimensional Observation of Grain Boundary Sliding of ODS Ferritic Steel in High Temperature Tension
Hiroshi Masuda, Satoshi Taniguchi, Eiichi Sato, Yoshito Sugino and Shigeharu Ukai
1606-1610 :
Effects of O2 and N2 Flow Rate on the Electrical Properties of Fe-O-N Thin Films
Yukiko Ogawa, Daisuke Ando, Yuji Sutou and Junichi Koike
1611-1617 :
The Kinetics of Isothermal Hydrogen Reduction of Nanocrystalline Fe2O3 Powder
Geon-Yong Lee, Joon-Phil Choi, Jun-Il Song, Sung-Soo Jung and Jai-Sung Lee
1618-1622 :
Corrosion Behavior of Superalloys in a LiCl-Li2O Molten Salt
Jong-Ho Lim and Woo-Jin Jung
1623-1629 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cobalt-Based Alloys Strengthened with Tantalum Carbide Powder via Vacuum Sintering and HIP Treatments
Shih-Hsien Chang and Chien-Chung Chen
1630-1633 :
Microstructure and Magnetic Property of Sm2Fe17 Nanopowder Synthesized by Modified Reduction-Diffusion Process
Joon-Chul Yun, Su-Min Yoon, Geon-Yong Lee, Joon-Phil Choi and Jai-Sung Lee
1634-1636 :
Magnetic Susceptibility of Zr-Cu Binary Alloys
Seung-Pyo Hong, Yeong-Mu Ko and Chung-Seok Kim
1637-1637 :
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