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Materials Transactions, Vol.55 No.6 (2014)

861-865 :
Thermoelectric Properties of a T-Shaped Quantum Dot with Relatively Strong On-Site Coulomb Interaction
Gaofeng Ji, Xiansheng Cao and Guoping Ru
866-870 :
Structure of an Al-Cu-Co Decagonal Quasicrystal Studied by Cs-Corrected STEM
Kunio Yubuta, Kazuki Yamamoto, Akira Yasuhara and Kenji Hiraga
871-876 :
Structure of the Passive Film formed on Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni Shape Memory Alloy after Wet and Dry Corrosion Test
T. Nishimura
877-884 :
Effect of High-Pressure Torsion Process on Precipitation Behavior of α Phase in β-Type Ti-15Mo Alloy
Baozhen Jiang, Koichi Tsuchiya, Satoshi Emura and Xiaohua Min
885-891 :
Effect of Two-Step Aging on Cluster Formation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys
Ken Takata, Jun Takahashi, Makoto Saga, Kohsaku Ushioda, Akira Hibino and Masao Kikuchi
892-898 :
Preparation and Hydrolysis of Aluminum Based Composites for Hydrogen Production in Pure Water
Huihu Wang, J. Lu, S. J. Dong, Y. Chang, Y. G. Fu and Ping Luo
899-906 :
High Temperature Tensile Properties and Its Mechanism in Low-Carbon Nb-Bearing Steels
Suguru Yoshida, Teruhisa Okumura, Hiroshi Kita, Jun Takahashi and Kohsaku Ushioda
907-910 :
Atomic Group Rotation Mechanism for {1012} Twinning of HCP Crystal Materials
Shan Jiang
911-916 :
Characteristics of Austenite Grain Refinement by High-Speed Large-Reduction Forging —Production Technology for Fine Grained Steel by Large Deformation Forging III—
Masaru Miyake and Yasuhiro Sodani
917-920 :
Defects Modification of TiB2-TiC Composite Phase Coating Resistance Spot Welding Electrode via Friction Stir Processing
Ping Luo, Z. X. Xie, S. J. Dong, A. Z. Yangli and Wei Yang
921-929 :
Microstructure of Cr-V-Mo Steel Processed by Recrystallization and Partial Melting and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties
Yi Meng, Sumio Sugiyama and Jun Yanagimoto
930-936 :
Macro-Segregation and Microstructural Characteristics in Rheo-Diecasting of a High Strength Al-4.8 mass%Si-0.7 mass%Mg Alloy
Byoung-Hee Choi, Young-Soo Jang, Byung-Geun Kang and Chun-Pyo Hong
937-941 :
Influences of pH Value and Deposition Time on HA/TiO2 Coatings Deposited by Electrochemical Method
Xu Min, Ma Fengcang, Liu Ping, Li Wei, Liu Xinkuan, Chen Xiaohong, He Daihua and Geng Fang
942-946 :
Measurement of Seebeck Coefficient and Conductive Behaviors of Bi2Te3−xSex (x = 0.15-0.6) Thermoelectric Semiconductors without Harmful Dopants
Mei Fusa, Naoaki Yamamoto and Kazuhiro Hasezaki
947-951 :
Carbon-Dispersed WC-FeAl Hard Material Fabricated by Mechanical Milling and Subsequent Pulsed Current Sintering
Hiroyuki Nakayama, Keizo Kobayashi, Kimihiro Ozaki and Kotaro Kikuchi
952-957 :
Effect of Orifice Introduction on Floating Characteristics of Cuboid Particles Simulating Tantalum Capacitors in Pneumatic Separation Column
Naohito Hayashi and Tatsuya Oki
958-963 :
Crystallization Behaviors of Copper Smelter Slag Studied Using Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagram
Yong Fan, Etsuro Shibata, Atsushi Iizuka and Takashi Nakamura
964-970 :
The Effect of Pre-Strain on the Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement in 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel
Il-Jeong Park, Jae-Gil Jung, Seo Yeon Jo, Sang-Min Lee and Young-Kook Lee
971-977 :
Effect of Cu on the Precipitation of Deleterious Phases and the Mechanical Properties of 27Cr-7Ni Hyper Duplex Stainless Steels
Soon-Hyeok Jeon, Il-Jeong Park, Hye-Jin Kim, Soon-Tae Kim, Young-Kook Lee and Yong-Soo Park
978-985 :
Surface-Grinding Kinetics for the Concentration of PGMs from Spent Automobile Catalysts by Attritor Surface Grinding
Gangfeng Liu, Tomoki Ichinose, Ayumu Tokumaru and Shuji Owada


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