Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, Vol.55 No.5 (2014)

745-749 :
New Aspects of Ecomaterials from the Viewpoints of the Consumer and Regional Communities
Osamu Umezawa, Yoshikazu Shinohara and Kohmei Halada
750-753 :
Preparation, Properties and Microstructure of SiC Particle Reinforced Al-Si Matrix Composite
Shiming Hao, Jingpei Xie, Aiqin Wang and Ming Fang
754-757 :
Internal Friction of an Ag-In-Yb Icosahedral Quasicrystal
Kenma Handa, Yeong-Gi So, Yasushi Kamimura, Ryuji Tamura and Keiichi Edagawa
758-762 :
Electrical Properties and Carrier Transport Mechanism of Au/n-GaN Schottky Contact Modified Using a Copper Pthalocyanine (CuPc) Interlayer
V. Janardhanam, I. Jyothi, Ji-Hyun Lee, Jae-Yeon Kim, V. Rajagopal Reddy and Chel-Jong Choi
763-767 :
Aging Effect on Microstructure of Cold Groove-Rolled α′-Type Ti-12 mass%V-2 mass%Al Alloys Studied by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Kazuhisa Sato, Hiroaki Matsumoto, Akihiko Chiba and Toyohiko J. Konno
768-773 :
Thermal Stability and Transition Behavior of Nanoclusters during Two-Step Aging at 250°C in Al-Mg-Si(-Cu) Alloys
JaeHwang Kim, SeongNyeong Kim, Equo Kobayashi and Tatsuo Sato
774-778 :
In Situ and Real-Time Observation of the Solidification Process of Al-20 mass%Cu Alloy by Synchrotron X-ray Radiography
Maodong Kang, Haiyan Gao, Da Shu, Jun Wang, Faguo Li, Yanan Fu, Lishibao Ling and Baode Sun
779-787 :
Modeling and Simulations of Experimentally-Observed Dislocation Substructures Based on Field Theory of Multiscale Plasticity (FTMP) Combined with TEM and EBSD-Wilkinson Method for FCC and BCC Poly/Single Crystals
T. Hasebe, M. Sugiyama, H. Adachi, S. Fukutani and M. Iida
788-795 :
In Situ Observation of Pseudoelasticity in Fe3Al Single Crystals with D03 Structure
Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda, Yasuhiro Oda, Takenori Maruyama, Mayumi Ojima and Yoshitaka Adachi
796-800 :
Refinement of Nanoporous Copper: A Summary of Micro-Alloying of Au-Group and Pt-Group Elements
Zhenhua Dan and Nobuyoshi Hara
801-805 :
Chemical and Structural Properties of Polyethyleneimine Film Coated on a SiO2 Substrate in Different Concentrations
Hyung-Joong Yun, Hyobong Hong, Jouhahn Lee and Chel-Jong Choi
806-812 :
Solidification Structure of Al-Cu and Sn-Cu-Sb Alloys Obtained by Casting through Induction Stirring Using Permanent Magnet
Fumitaka Otsubo, Satoshi Nishida and Hidenori Era
813-817 :
Characterization of Spinel-Structured Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Heating of α-FeOOH Platelets in Tetra-Ethylene Glycol
Hawa Latiff, Mikio Kishimoto, Akari Horiuchi, Atsushi Seki, Ryoichi Miyamoto, Hideto Yanagihara, Tatsuya Oda, Nobuhiro Ohkohchi and Eiji Kita
818-826 :
Two-Step Die Motion for Die Quenching of AA2024 Aluminum Alloy Billet on Servo Press
Jae-Yeol Jeon, Ryo Matsumoto and Hiroshi Utsunomiya
827-830 :
Microstructure Observation of Preform for High Performance VGCF/Aluminum Composites
Okyoung Lee, Moonhee Lee, Yongbum Choi, Kenjiro Sugio, Kazuhiro Matsugi and Gen Sasaki
831-837 :
Residual Stresses and Dimensional Changes Related to the Lattice Parameter Changes of Heat-Treated JIS SKD 11 Tool Steels
Yang-Yu Su, Liu-Ho Chiu, Fan-Shiong Chen, Shou-Chi Lin and Yeong-Tsuen Pan
838-841 :
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ga Penetration along Al Grain Boundaries under a Constant Strain Rate Condition
Kayoung Yun and Ho-Seok Nam
842-849 :
Low-Stress Creep Deformation in Long-Term Aged Ferritic Heat-Resistant Steel
Shigeto Yamasaki, Masatoshi Mitsuhara, Ken-ichi Ikeda, Satoshi Hata and Hideharu Nakashima
850-856 :
Effects of Secondary Air Flows on Thermal Characteristics and Particle Behavior in Flame Spray Process
Jae Bin Lee, Dong Hwan Shin, Yeo Hae Lee, Dae Yun Kim and Seong Hyuk Lee
857-860 :
Direct Observation of Pit Initiation Process on Type 304 Stainless Steel
Aya Chiba, Izumi Muto, Yu Sugawara and Nobuyoshi Hara


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