Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, Vol.55 No.2 (2014)

227-237 :
Development of Multilayer Steels for Improved Combinations of High Strength and High Ductility
Toshihiko Koseki, Junya Inoue and Shoichi Nambu
238-244 :
Effect of Initial Microstructure on Mg Scroll Forging under Warm Forming Condition
Jonghun Yoon and Junghwan Lee
245-248 :
Visible-Light Photocatalysis of LSMO-Graphene Nanocomposites toward Degradation of Methyl Red
T. Xian, H. Yang, Y. F. Wang, L. J. Di, J. L. Jiang, R. S. Li and W. J. Feng
249-254 :
Aging Behavior of Ultra-Fine Grained Al-0.5%Si-0.5%Ge Alloy Fabricated by ARB Process
Keiyu Nakagawa, Nobuhiro Tsuji, Daisuke Terada, Toshihiko Nakano, Khairul Nizam and Teruto Kanadani
255-263 :
Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of Waspaloy during Hot Working
Takanori Matsui
264-269 :
Microstructure Evolution of Mg-4.3Zn-0.7Y-0.6Zr Alloy during Solution Heat Treatment
Junjie Li, Yacong Zhang, Jincheng Wang and Zhongming Zhang
270-274 :
Microstructure Evolution of AZ80 Magnesium Alloy during Multi-Directional Forging Process
Qingfeng Zhu, Lei Li, Zhiqiang Zhang, Zhihao Zhao, Yubo Zuo and Jianzhong Cui
275-284 :
Prediction of the Constitutive Equation for Uniaxial Creep of a Power-Law Material through Instrumented Microindentation Testing and Modeling
Hidenari Takagi, Ming Dao and Masami Fujiwara
285-289 :
In-Situ Observation and Acoustic Emission Analysis for SCC of MgCl2 Droplet in SUS304 Stainless Steel
Mitsuharu Shiwa, Hiroyuki Masuda, Hisashi Yamawaki, Kaita Ito and Manabu Enoki
290-297 :
High-Temperature Oxidation and Its Kinetics Study of Ti-Al and Ti-V Alloys in Air
Tomoshi Takahashi, Yoritoshi Minamino, Hideyuki Hirasawa and Tadashi Ouchi
298-303 :
Experimental Determination of the Isothermal Section in a Ternary Re-Cr-Nb System at 1500°C
Shigeru Saito, Toshiyuki Takashima, Katsumi Miyama, Toshio Narita, Taiichi Nagata, Ideo Masuda and Kenichi Kajiwara
304-310 :
Entangled Duplex Structure and Polycrystalline Globule Formation through Multistep Liquid-Phase Separation in Cu-Fe-Zr-B Alloys
Takeshi Nagase
311-317 :
Change in Molten Metal Pressure and Its Effect on Defects of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings
Yasushi Iwata, Shuxin Dong, Yoshio Sugiyama and Hiroaki Iwahori
318-322 :
Effects of Tensile Prestress Level on Impact Value of 50 vol% Continuous Unidirectional 0 Degree Oriented Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Polymer (CFRP)
Yoshitake Nishi, Takumi Okada, Soushi Okada, Mitsuru Hirano, Masumi Matsuda, Atsushi Matsuo and Michael C. Faudree
323-326 :
Impact Value of CFRP/Ti Joint Reinforced by Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber
Yoshitake Nishi, Sho Ishii, Shigehito Inui, Atsushi Kasai and Michael C. Faudree
327-333 :
Discharge-Charge Property of Lead-Acid Battery Using Nano-Scale PbO2 as Cathode Active Material
Masami Taguchi, Toshihiro Sasaki and Hiroki Takahashi
334-341 :
Recycling of Rare Earth Magnet Waste by Removing Rare Earth Oxide with Molten Fluoride
Osamu Takeda, Kiyotaka Nakano and Yuzuru Sato
342-350 :
Geological Exploration of Beachrock through Geophysical Surveying on Yagaji Island, Okinawa, Japan
Ryosuke Kubo, Satoru Kawasaki, Koichi Suzuki, Shinji Yamaguchi and Toshiro Hata
351-356 :
Zn and Fe Recovery from Electric Arc Furnace Dusts
F. F. Grillo, J. L. Coleti, D. C. R. Espinosa, J. R. Oliveira and J. A. S. Tenório
357-362 :
Hall-Petch Tensile Yield Stress and Grain Size Relation of Al-5Mg-0.5Mn Alloy in Friction-Stir-Processed and Post-Thermal-Exposed Conditions
Chun-Yi Lin, Truan-Sheng Lui, Li-Hui Chen and Fei-Yi Hung
363-370 :
Effect of Contact Configuration on the Tribological Performance of Micro-Textured AISI 1045 Steel under Oscillating Conditions
Minhaeng Cho
371-377 :
Effect of Friction Stir Processing on the Microstructural Evolution and Tensile Behaviors of an α/β Dual-Phase Mg-Li-Al-Zn Alloy
Chung-Wei Yang
378-382 :
Improving Recycled Fiber by Applying In-Situ Aragonite Calcium Carbonate Formation Process
Joobeom Seo, Jong Gyu Lee, Thenepalli Thriveni, Chul Seoung Baek and Ji-Whan Ahn
383-386 :
Effects of Stress Triaxiality on Damage Evolution from Pre-Existing Hydrogen Pores in Aluminum Alloy
Hiroyuki Toda, Hideki Tsuruta, Keitaro Horikawa, Kentaro Uesugi, Akihisa Takeuchi, Yoshio Suzuki and Masakazu Kobayashi
387-390 :
Evolution of Texture in a 2.8%Si Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Annealed at 1100°C
Na Li, Liang Ma, Li Xiang, Shengtao Qiu and Pei Zhao
391-394 :
Pulsed Current Activated Synthesis and Consolidation of Nanostructured MoSi2-NbSi2 Composite and Its Mechanical Properties
Hyoung-Gon Jo and In-Jin Shon


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