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Materials Transactions, Vol.54 No.03 (2013) pp.415-416
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Inapplicability of the Hencky Formalism to the Description of Large Deformations in Shear

John J. Jonas1 and Suresh Shrivastava2

1Materials Engineering, McGill University, 3610 University St., Montreal, H3A 2B2, Canada
2Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University, 3610 University St., Montreal, H3A 2B2, Canada

One of the problems associated with the use of the Hencky equivalent strain in the analysis of experiments in large shear is that it cannot be paired with a work-conjugate equivalent stress. A further problem is associated with the observation that the textures developed in shear differ sharply from those formed during tension or compression, so that the rates of work hardening are also different. The effects of these differences on the von Mises equivalent stress/equivalent strain flow curves determined by testing are discussed.

(Received 2012/10/25; Accepted 2012/12/07; Published 2013/02/25)

Keywords: simple shear deformation, equivalent stresses and strains, Hencky strain, Taylor factor, critical resolved shear stress

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