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Materials Transactions, Vol.53 No.8 (2012)

1357-1362 :
The Crystalline Structure of O-AlFePd
Kazumasa Sugiyama, Tatsuo Obata and Kenji Hiraga
1363-1370 :
Influence of Spinodal Decomposition on the Plastic Behavior of Dynamic Electropulsing Treated ZA22 Alloy
Y. H. Zhu, S. To and X. M. Liu
1371-1378 :
Effect of Ca Addition on Precipitation Behavior of Mg-6.0 mass%Zn-3.0 mass%Al Alloy
YeLim Kim, Hiroyasu Tezuka, Equo Kobayashi and Tatsuo Sato
1379-1384 :
Effect of Deformation-Induced ω Phase on the Mechanical Properties of Metastable β-Type Ti-V Alloys
Xingfeng Zhao, Mitsuo Niinomi, Masaaki Nakai and Junko Hieda
1385-1390 :
Dislocations in Deformation Microstructure of Extruded Mg97Y2Zn1 Alloy Studied by High-Angle Annular Detector Dark-Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (HAADF-STEM)
Kenji Hiraga, Akira Yasuhara and Kaichi Saito
1391-1394 :
Machining Heat Induced Phase Transformation on the Surface Hardening Layer of High Strength Ferrous-Based Biomedical Stainless Steel
Chih-Yeh Chao, Hsi-Jen Chiang, Hsin-Ming Chung, Keng-Liang Ou and Chih-Hua Yu
1395-1399 :
Tensile Plastic Deformation Behavior of Zr70Ni16Cu6Al8 Bulk Metallic Glass at Cryogenic Temperature
Hitoo Tokunaga, Kazutaka Fujita and Yoshihiko Yokoyama
1400-1404 :
Effects of Pulse Current on Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of GH4169 Superalloy
Yang Liu, Lei Wang, Hui-Hong Liu, Xu-Dong Lu and Bei-Jiang Zhang
1405-1411 :
Effects of Chromium and Nitrogen Contents on Microstructural Changes in TiC Particles in (α + β)- and β-Titanium Matrix Composites
Wataru Sekimoto, Hiroshi Tsuda and Shigeo Mori
1412-1419 :
Effects of Electron Beam Irradiation on Charpy Impact Value of Short Glass Fiber (GFRP) Samples with Random Distribution of Solidification Texture Angles from Zero to 90 Degrees
Michael C. Faudree, Yoshitake Nishi and Michael Gruskiewicz
1420-1424 :
Generation and Characterization of Zirconium Carbide Nanoparticles by Wire Explosion Process
R. Sugunakar Reddy, M. Kamaraj, U. Kamachi Mudali, S. R. Chakravarthy and R. Sarathi
1425-1435 :
Experimental Determination and Thermodynamic Assessment of Phase Equilibria in the Co-Mo System
K. Oikawa, U. R. Kattner, J. Sato, T. Omori, M. Jiang, K. Anzai and K. Ishida
1436-1442 :
Microstructural and Corrosion Characteristics of Alloying Modified Layer on 5083 Al Alloy by Electrical Discharge Alloying Process with Pure Silicon Electrode
Kuralay Stambekova, Hung-Mao Lin and Jun-Yen Uan
1443-1448 :
Improving the Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion Properties of Precipitation Hardening Mold Steel by Plasma Nitriding
Hsiang-Yao Lan and Dong-Cherng Wen
1449-1455 :
Effect of Magnesium and Aluminum Oxides on Fluidity of Final Blast Furnace Slag and Its Application
Jia-Shyan Shiau, Shih-Hsien Liu and Chung-Ken Ho
1456-1460 :
Surface Hardening of Ferritic Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by Friction Stir Processing
Koichi Imagawa, Hidetoshi Fujii, Yoshiaki Morisada, Yasufumi Yamaguchi and Shoji Kiguchi
1461-1467 :
Mechanical Properties of Insert-Type Electron Beam Welded Joints of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron and Mild Steel
Shinichi Sekiguchi and Fumio Shibata
1468-1474 :
Surface Hardening and Microstructural Features of Chromium-Molybdenum Steel via Two-Stage Gas Nitriding with a Short Isothermal Time in Stage One
Masaki Sumida
1475-1480 :
Effects of Carbon Addition on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Binderless Tungsten Carbide
Akihiro Nino, Kensuke Takahashi, Shigeaki Sugiyama and Hitoshi Taimatsu
1481-1485 :
Heat Treatment Effects on Electrochemically Grown Bi2Te3 Thin Films for Thermoelectric Applications
Biswapriya Deb, Yukihiro Isoda, Olga Caballero-Calero, Pablo Díaz-Chao, Marisol S. Martín-González and Yoshikazu Shinohara
1486-1494 :
High Cycle Fatigue Properties of a Minor Boron-Modified Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
M. Hagiwara, T. Kitaura, Y. Ono, T. Yuri, T. Ogata and O. Kanou
1495-1501 :
Influence of Hot Pressing Sintering Temperature on β-Sialon-15R Ceramics Synthesized from Aluminum Dross
Jiajing Li, Jun Wang, Haiyan Chen and Baode Sun
1502-1506 :
Preparation of Conductive Nanoink Using Pulsed-Wire-Evaporated Copper Nanoparticles for Inkjet Printing
Shinyoung Park, Jaehak Her, Danee Cho, Md. Mominul Haque, Joong Hak Park and Caroline Sunyong Lee
1507-1514 :
Void Generation Mechanism in Cu Filling Process by Electroplating for Ultra Fine Wire Trenches
Yasushi Sasajima, Takatoshi Satoh, Kunihiro Tamahashi and Jin Onuki
1515-1520 :
Effects of Porosity and Pore Structure on Compression Properties of Blowing-Agent-Free Aluminum Foams Fabricated from Aluminum Alloy Die Castings
Yoshihiko Hangai, Hiroki Kato, Takao Utsunomiya, Soichiro Kitahara, Osamu Kuwazuru and Nobuhiro Yoshikawa
1521-1528 :
Effect of Mn or Fe Addition on Age-Hardening Behaviour of Al-Mg2Si Alloys
Shumei Wang, ShanShan Chen, Kenji Matsuda, Tokimasa Kawabata, Junya Nakamura, Susumu Ikeno, Koji Kawakita, Hidetoshi Takagi and Tomokazu Yamashita
1529-1535 :
Effect of 100°C Heating on Further Ductility Improvement of Friction Stir Processed AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Hsin-Wei Lee, Truan-Sheng Lui and Li-Hui Chen
1536-1538 :
Electrochemical Phase Change of Iron Rusts by In-Situ X-ray Diffraction Technique
Takashi Doi, Takayuki Kamimura and Masugu Sato
1539-1542 :
Pulsed Current Activated Synthesis and Consolidation of Nanostuctured MgTiO3 Compound
In-Jin Shon, Hyun-Su Kang, Jung-Mann Doh, Bang-Ju Park and Jin-Kook Yoon
1543-1546 :
Rapid Consolidation of TiN-Cr2N-(Ti,Cr)N Nanoparticles Using Pulsed Current Activated Sintering and the Mechanical Properties of Sintered Product
Wonbaek Kim, Chang-Yul Suh, Ki-Min Roh, Jae-Won Lim, Song-Lee Du and In-Jin Shon
1547-1548 :
Appropriateness of the Hencky Equivalent Strain as the Quantity to Represent the Degree of Severe Plastic Deformation
Susumu Onaka


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