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Materials Transactions, Vol.53 No.04 (2012) pp.658-661
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Irregular or Smooth Grain Boundaries Evolved after Secondary Recyrstallization of Fe-3%Si Steel

Hyung-Ki Park1, 2, Chang-Soo Park1, Tae-Wook Na1, Chan-Hee Han2 and Nong-Moon Hwang1

1Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, Korea
2POSCO Technical Research Laboratories, POSCO, Pohang, Korea

Irregular or smooth grain boundaries after secondary recrystallization are formed depending on whether interpass aging is adopted or not during cold rolling of Fe-3%Si steel. Interpass aging induces the primary texture of high intensity of {111}<112> and {411}<148> orientations, which have a ∑9 relation with respect to the Goss orientation and therefore are favorable for Goss grains to grow by solid-state wetting. Under this condition Goss grains come in contact with each other by wetting without leaving any small grains in between, resulting in irregular boundaries.

(Received 2011/08/30; Accepted 2011/12/27; Published 2012/03/25)

Keywords: abnormal grain growth, secondary recrystallization, grain boundary wetting, interpass aging

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