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Materials Transactions, Vol.53 No.02 (2012) pp.458-458
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Editor’s Announcement

This article has been acknowledged as the secondary publication from the following previously published paper.

Formation and properties of Zr-based bulk quasicrystalline alloys with high strength and good ductility.

J. Mater. Res. 15 (2000) 2195-2208.

And thus, it shall not be regarded as an original paper.

The corresponding author acknowledges the secondary publication and his apologies have been accepted accordingly. Considering the published time of over 10 years ago when the editorial bylaws and other conditions were significantly different from the present, his simple mistake not to request permission to republish this article and no action requested to Materials Transactions by the journal concerned, the paper will not be retracted. However, it was not an appropriate deed and the authors are required to pay more careful attention in contributing papers.

(Received -; Accepted -; Published 2012/01/25)


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