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Materials Transactions, Vol.50 No.8 (2009)

1909-1914 :
Spectral Analysis of Welding Plasma of Magnesium Alloy Using Flux Coated Wire
Zhaodong Zhang and Fan Zhang
1915-1918 :
Structure and Magnetic Properties of As-Quenched Fe87-xZr3.5Nb3.5B6Cux Ribbons
Bo Li, Hongwei Qin, Dongliang Zhao, Rui Zhang and Jifan Hu
1919-1923 :
Morphology and Crystallography of Sub-Blocks in Ultra-Low Carbon Lath Martensite Steel
S. Morito, Y. Adachi and T. Ohba
1924-1929 :
Formation of Deformation Twins and Related Shear Bands in a Copper Single Crystal Deformed by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing for One Pass at Room Temperature
Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Alexei Vinogradov, Satoshi Hashimoto and Rika Yoda
1930-1934 :
Forming Limit Prediction in Bore Expansion by Combination of Finite Element Simulation and Ductile Fracture Criterion
Hirohiko Takuda, Keisuke Ozawa, Takayuki Hama, Tohru Yoshida and Jun Nitta
1935-1940 :
Effect of Dynamic Strain Aging on Isothermal (473 K) Low Cycle Fatigue of Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron
Hayato Mouri, Morihito Hayashi and Wilfried Wunderlich
1941-1948 :
Effect of Revolutionary Pitch on the Microhardness Drop and Tensile Properties of Friction Stir Processed 1050 Aluminum Alloy
Ssu-Ta Chen, Truan-Sheng Lui and Li-Hui Chen
1949-1958 :
Plastic Deformation Behaviors of Cold Rotary Forging under Different Contact Patterns by 3D Elastic-Plastic FE Method
Xinghui Han and Lin Hua
1959-1963 :
Effect of B and Cr on Mechanical Properties and Magnetostriction of Iron-Gallium Alloy
Xuexu Gao, Jiheng Li, Jie Zhu, Jie Li and Maocai Zhang
1964-1968 :
Preparation of Aluminumtriethoxide by Application of Aluminum Corrosion
Osami Seri and Daichi Sasaki
1969-1977 :
Mn-Mo-W Oxide Anodes for Oxygen Evolution in Seawater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
A. A. El-Moneim, N. Kumagai and K. Hashimoto
1978-1984 :
A Thermochemical Database for the Solar Cell Silicon Materials
Kai Tang, Eivind J. Øvrelid, Gabriella Tranell and Merete Tangstad
1985-1991 :
Effect of Continuous Rotation Evolutional Control on the Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Anodized Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
Hiroaki Nakano, In-Joon Son, Hideki Ohara, Satoshi Oue, Katsuaki Nakamura and Hisaaki Fukushima
1992-1997 :
Two-Step Etching Mechanism of Ag-Si Nanostructure with Various Ag Nanoshape Depositions
Zhan-Shuo Hu, Fei-Yi Hung, Shoou-Jinn Chang, Kuan-Jen Chen, Wen-Long Wang, Sheng-Joue Young and Tse-Pu Chen
1998-2004 :
Process Design of Extend Forging Process Using Numerical Simulation Development of Process Design Method for the Finish Forging Process
Hideki Kakimoto, Yoichi Takashi, Hideki Takamori, Tatsuya Tanaka and Yutaka Imaida
2005-2010 :
Influence of Heating Temperature on Interface Separation Behavior between Ti-20 mol% Al Alloy and High Carbon Steel
Yasuhiro Morizono, Yoshikazu Kodama, Takateru Yamamuro and Minoru Nishida
2011-2014 :
Effect of Silica on Formation of Porous Alumina during Unidirectional Solidification in Hydrogen Atmosphere
S. Ueno, L. M. Lin and H. Nakajima
2015-2020 :
Effect of Vibration Timing on the Microstructure and Microtexture Formation of AZ91D Magnesium Alloys during Electromagnetic Vibration
Mingjun Li, Takuya Tamura, Naoki Omura and Kenji Miwa
2021-2027 :
Formation, Thermal Stability, and Mechanical Properties of Glassy Zr60Al10Ni10Cu20 Alloy Rods with Diameters of 18 and 20 mm
K. S. Son, X. M. Wang, Y. Yokoyama, K. Yubuta and A. Inoue
2028-2034 :
Microstructure and Preferred Orientation of Titanium Nitride Films Prepared by Laser CVD
Yansheng Gong, Rong Tu and Takashi Goto
2035-2042 :
High-Speed Deformation and Collision Behavior of Pure Aluminum Plates in Magnetic Pulse Welding
Mitsuhiro Watanabe and Shinji Kumai
2043-2049 :
Bending Fatigue Properties of a Superelastic Thin Tube and a High-Elastic Thin Wire of TiNi Alloy
Hisaaki Tobushi, Yuji Furuichi, Toshimi Sakuragi and Yoshiki Sugimoto
2050-2056 :
Effect of Surface Treatment on the Hot Forming of the High Strength Ti-6Al-4V Fastener
Jeoung Han Kim, Chae Hoon Lee, Jae Keun Hong, Jae Ho Kim and Jong Taek Yeom
2057-2063 :
Dental Precision Casting of Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr Using Calcia Mold
Harumi Tsutsumi, Mitsuo Niinomi, Toshikazu Akahori, Masaaki Nakai, Tsutomu Takeuchi and Shigeki Katsura
2064-2068 :
Effect of Cu or Ti Substitution in MgNi on Crystal Structure and Hydrogen Absorption-Desorption Properties
Yasutaka Kamata, Takahiro Kuriiwa, Atsunori Kamegawa and Masuo Okada
2069-2072 :
High Pressure Synthesis of Hydride in Li-Y System
Riki Kataoka, Takahiro Kuriiwa, Atsunori Kamegawa, Hitoshi Takamura and Masuo Okada
2073-2078 :
Low Temperature Phase Transition of Ilmenite during Oxidation by Chlorine
Xiao Fu, Yao Wang and Fei Wei
2079-2086 :
Tailoring Thermally Induced Nano-Quasicrystallization and Deformation-Assisted Nanocrystallization for Mechanical Property Improvement in Zr-Al-Ni-Cu-Pd Bulk Metallic Glasses
Junji Saida, Albertus D. Setyawan, Hidemi Kato, Mitsuhide Matsushita and Akihisa Inoue
2087-2091 :
Fixation of Powdered TiO2 onto Metal Substrates by Electrophoretic Deposition and Its Use for Complete Decomposition of Volatile Organic Compounds
A. Maki, T. Ebara and Jin Mizuguchi
2092-2097 :
Synthesis, Characterization and Effect of pH Variation on Zinc Oxide Nanostructures
Rizwan Wahab, Young-Soon Kim and Hyung-Shik Shin
2098-2103 :
Electrostatic and Sterical Stabilization of CuO Nanofluid Prepared by Vacuum Arc Spray Nanofluid Synthesis System (ASNSS)
Ho Chang, Xin-Quan Chen, Ching-Song Jwo and Sih-Li Chen
2104-2107 :
Chemical-Hydrothermal Synthesis of Bioinert ZrO2-TiO2 Film on Ti Substrates
Masato Ueda, Yuumi Sasaki, Masahiko Ikeda and Michiharu Ogawa
2108-2110 :
Ultrafine Eutectic-Dendrite Composite Bulk Fe-B Alloy with Enhanced Ductility
Licai Fu, Jun Yang, Qinling Bi and Weimin Liu
2111-2114 :
Pressure Effects on Temperature Distribution during Spark Plasma Sintering with Graphite Sample
Salvatore Grasso, Yoshio Sakka and Giovanni Maizza
2115-2117 :
Crystalline Nanoscale M2O3 (M = Gd, Nd) Thin Films Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on Si(111)
Jinxing Wang, Tianmo Liu and Zhongchang Wang
2118-2120 :
EBSD Observation for Reversible Behavior of Deformation Twins in AZ31B Magnesium Alloy
Tsuyoshi Uota, Takuya Suzu, Shinji Fukumoto and Atsushi Yamamoto
2121-2123 :
Synthesis of Bottle-Shaped ZnO Particles through the Oxidation of a Mixture of Al-Zn-Au
Geun-Hyoung Lee and Min-Sung Kim
2124-2126 :
Uninterrupted Production of Metal Coils by Making Successive Joints with Roll Bonding Technique
Chin-Chuan Huang, Mao-Hsiung Chiang, Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo, Yih-Nan Chen and An-Chou Yeh
2127a :
Bulk Metallic Glass-Forming Region of Four Multicomponent Alloy Systems
Ailong Zhang, Ding Chen and Zhenhua Chen
2127b :
Post-characteristics of Formed Zn-22 mass%Al Alloy to Seismic Damper for General Residence
Tsutomu Tanaka, Soon Wook Chung, Li-Fu Chaing, Koichi Makii, Atsumichi Kushibe, Masahide Kohzu and Kenji Higashi
2128-2128 :
Suppression of Macroscopic Defects through the Control of Friction between Workpiece and Dies in a Forged Magnesium Alloy Part with Ribs
Akira Takara, Li-Fu Chian, Sung Wook Chung, Hidetoshi Somekawa, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Yorinobu Takigawa and Kenji Higashi


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