Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.5 No.4 (1964)

209-213 :
Direct Observation of Lattice Imperfections in Cold Rolled and Annealed Cu-Si Alloys
Jitsuhiko Ueda and Toshimi Yamane
214-216 :
A Direct Observation of the Cold Tensile Deformed Titanium by Means of Electron Microscopy
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
217-218 :
Electron Microscope Observation of the Dislocation Microstructure of Cold Rolled and Annealed Titanium
Jitsuhiko Ueda and Toshimi Yamane
219-224 :
Effect of Cold Working on Stress-Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steel
Tatsuo Maekawa, Masaru Kagawa
and Nobuwo Nakajima
225-230 :
Transmission Electron Microscope Observation of the Bainite of Carbon Steel
Ken'ichi Shimizu, Tyuki Ko and Zenji Nishiyama
231-234 :
Catastrophic Oxidation of Ti-Zr Alloys
Tadayuki Nakayama, Fumio Shoji
and Eiichi Yagi
235-237 :
Fiber Textures of Extruded Aluminum Alloy Rod
Eiichi Hirosawa
238-243 :
Corrosion-Resisting Films Produced on Titanium and Zirconium in High Temperature Water and Several Aqueous Chloride Solutions
Tadayuki Nakayama, Hiroyuki Yamada,
Eiichi Yagi and Junichi Yasui
244-247 :
The Plastic Strain Ratio of Single Crystals of Low Carbon Steel
Shin'ichi Nagashima, Shozo Sekino and Hiroshi Kato
248-253 :
On the Effects of Zirconium Upon the Age-Hardening and Grain Size of Cu-Ni-P Alloys
Toshio Doi
254-258 :
Secondary Recrystallization in Iron-Germanium Alloys
Mitsuo Imai, Katsumi Fujimoto, Tatsuo Saito,
Nobuo Ohashi and Minoru Nishida
259-272 :
On the Imperfection of Graphite Spherulite in Nodular Iron
Matsujiro Hamasumi
273-273 :
Remarks on X-ray Diffraction Patterns of Martensite in β Cu-Sn Alloys

Takeyoshi Soejima, Hisato Hagiwara
and Norihiko Nakanishi
274-275 :
The Plastic Strain Ratio of Polycrystalline Low Carbon Steels
Shin'ichi Nagashima, Hiroshi Takechi and
Hiroshi Kato


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