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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.5 No.3 (1964)

135-141 :
Characteristics of Phase Transformation in Metallic Fine Particles (Martensitic transformation of Fe-Ni alloys, and ordering of CuAu and Cu3Au alloys)
Yoshichika Bando
142-146 :
On the Equipment for Gas Analysis of Aluminum in the Plant
Nobuo Shiota
147-154 :
Untersuchung über die Ausscheidung in der Alumi- niumlegierung mit 7 Gew.-% Mg und den Einfluß der Zusätze von dritten Elementen, besonders Silber, auf ihr Verhalten.
Von Yotaro Murakami, Osamu Kawano und
Hideaki Tamura
155-161 :
Electron Microscopic Observations of Dislocations and Precipitates in Annealed and Deformed Chromium
Susumu Yoshida, Norio Nagata and Yukio Ohba
162-170 :
Calori- and Resistometric Analyses of Ageing and Precipitation in Aluminum-Copper Alloys
Ken-ichi Hirano and Hiroshi Iwasaki
171-176 :
On the Reversion of Al-rich Al-Zn and Al-Ag Alloys
Mutsuo Ohta
177-184 :
Rise in Temperature of Uranium Dioxide during Swaging
Yutaka Honda and Shuichiro Takahashi
185-192 :
Internal Friction of Titanium Cold Worked and Annealed
Toshimi Yamane, Genjiro Mima and Jitsuhiko Ueda
193-197 :
Polarization Behaviour of Titanium in Sulphuric Acid Solutions
Susumu Morioka and Akimi Umezono
198-203 :
The Effect of Halide Ions on the Anodic Passivation of Titanium
Susumu Morioka and Akimi Umezono
204-204 :
Secondary Recrystallization of a Heavily Worked Tungsten Wire

Hiroshi Yamamoto and Genichi Kamoshita
205-206 :
The Infrared Absorption Spectra of Several Chromites
Minoru Terada and Tatsuo Maekawa


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