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Materials Transactions, Vol.49 No.07 (2008) pp.1537-1545
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Interfacial Bonding Mechanism Using Silver Metallo-Organic Nanoparticles to Bulk Metals and Observation of Sintering Behavior

Yusuke Akada1, Hiroaki Tatsumi1, Takuto Yamaguchi1, Akio Hirose1, Toshiaki Morita2 and Eiichi Ide2

1Department of Material and Manufacturing Science, Osaka University, Suita 565-0871, Japan
2Materials Research Laboratory, Hitachi. Ltd., Hitachi 319-1292, Japan

We have proposed a novel bonding process using silver nanoparticles, which can be alternative to lead-rich high melting point solders. The bonding mechanism of silver metallo-organic nanoparticles to bulk materials (gold and copper) is discussed based on the observations of the bonded interface using Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). At the interface of sintered silver and bulk gold, the crystal orientation of silver corresponded to that of gold. It is thought that the epitaxial layer of silver formed through silver nanoparticles being oriented in the direction of the gold crystal. At the interface of sintered silver and bulk copper, no epitaxial layer of silver on the copper crystal formed. Though the appearance of the crystal structure of silver/copper interface is different from that of the silver/gold interface, copper as well as gold are coherent with silver, and have been successfully bonded using the silver nanoparticles.

(Received 2008/1/7; Accepted 2008/3/17; Published 2008/5/1)

Keywords: silver nanoparticle, bonding, sintering, lead-free solder

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