Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, Vol.45 No.10 (2004)

2945-2950 :
Low Temperature Grain Boundary Diffusion of Chromium in SUS316 and 316L Stainless Steels
Masaki Mizouchi, Yoshihiro Yamazaki, Yoshiaki Iijima and Koji Arioka
2951-2955 :
Valence Change of Cations in Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solution Associated with Redox Reactions Studied with Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
Shigeo Arai, Shunsuke Muto, Junya Murai, Tsuyoshi Sasaki, Yoshio Ukyo, Kotaro Kuroda and Hiroyasu Saka
2956-2959 :
Microstructural Morphology Changes of the Lead-Tin Eutectic Alloy by Different Undercooling Levels
Heesam Kang and Wooyoung Yoon
2960-2965 :
Effect of Initial Grain Orientation on Evolution of Deformed Microstructure in Hot Compressed Ni-30Fe Alloy
Jae-Young Cho, Tadanobu Inoue, Fuxing Yin and Kotobu Nagai
2966-2973 :
Effect of Shear Deformation on Microstructural Evolution of Ni-30Fe Alloy during Hot Deformation
Jae-Young Cho, Tadanobu Inoue, Fuxing Yin and Kotobu Nagai
2974-2980 :
Competitive Nucleation and Growth of {111} Ømega with {001} GP Zones and θ' in a Stress-Aged Al-Cu-Mg-Ag Alloy
Shinji Muraishi, Shinji Kumai and Akikazu Sato
2981-2986 :
Phase Transformation of an Austempered Ductile Iron during an Erosion Process
Fei-Yi Hung, Li-Hui Chen and Truan-Sheng Lui
2987-2993 :
Measurement of the Densities of Nickel-Based Ternary, Quaternary and Commercial Alloys
Kusuhiro Mukai, Zushu Li and Liang Fang
2994-2998 :
Solubility of Metal Oxides under Control of Basicity by Electrolysis in Fused Na2SO4
Michihisa Fukumoto, Takahiro Suzuki, Masanori Sano, Masayuki Hirade and Motoi Hara
2999-3004 :
High Density Powder Injection Molded Compacts Prepared from a Feedstock Containing Coarse Powders
Guo-Jiun Shu and Kuen-Shyang Hwang
3005-3010 :
Optimization of Thickness Uniformity in Electrodeposition onto a Patterned Substrate
Young-joo Oh, Soon-hyo Chung and Man-seung Lee
3011-3017 :
Characterization and Optimization of Arc Spray Process Parameters for Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles
Liang-Chia Chen, Tsing-Tshih Tsung, Ho Chang and Jen-Yan Sun
3018-3022 :
Optimization of Hot Rolling Process of Gravity Cast AZ31-xCa (x=0{∼} 2.0 mass%) Alloys
Chang Dong Yim, Bong Sun You, Jin Su Lee and Wan Chul Kim
3023-3027 :
Electrical and Optical Properties of IrO2 Thin Films Prepared by Laser-ablation
Yuxue Liu, Hiroshi Masumoto and Takashi Goto
3028-3032 :
Comparison among Mechanical Properties of Investment-Cast c.p. Ti, Ti-6Al-7Nb and Ti-15Mo-1Bi Alloys
Chia-Wei Lin, Chien-Ping Ju and Jiin-Huey Chern Lin
3033-3038 :
The Effect of Strain Distribution on Abnormal Grain Growth in Cu Thin Films
Miki Moriyama, Kentaro Matsunaga, Toshifumi Morita, Susumu Tsukimoto and Masanori Murakami
3039-3043 :
Transmission Electron Microscopic Study of Whisker Formation on Tetracalcium Phosphate in Hydrochloric Acid
Kuan-Liang Lin, Jiin-Huey Chern Lin and Chien-Ping}
3044-3049 :
Effect of Gold Coating on Interfacial Reaction between Dental Porcelain and Titanium
Eri Miura, Tatsuo Tabaru, Jie Liu, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Takanobu Shiraishi and Kunihiro Hisatsune
3050-3055 :
Pressure Dependence of Hydrogen-Induced Transformations in C15 Laves Phase DyCo2
Haiwen Li, Kazuhiro Ishikawa and Kiyoshi Aoki
3056-3059 :
Critical Current Densities of Powder-In-Tube (PIT)-Processed MgB2 Tapes
H. Kumakura, A. Matsumoto, H. Kitaguchi and H. Hatakeyama
3060-3064 :
Effect of Long-Term Formalin Preservation on Bending Properties and Fracture Toughness of Bovine Compact Bone
Hisao Kikugawa and Takashi Asaka
3065-3070 :
Interfacial Characterization of Porcelain Veneered on the Pure Titanium under Vacuum Firing
Tsung-Nan Lo, Truan-Sheng Lui and Edward Chang
3071-3078 :
In-situ Measurement and Control of Electric Discharge on Submerged Arc Synthesis Process for Continuous TiO2 Nanoparticle Fabrication
Liang-Chia Chen and Sheng-Hsin Pai
3079-3081 :
An Evaluation of Superplastic Anisotropy after Processing by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
Genki Sakai, Zenji Horita and Terence G. Langdon


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