Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transactions, Vol.45 No.9 (2004)

2791-2793 :
Ni-Al Functionally Graded Materials by Laser Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis
Chen Lei, Hu Jiandong, Guo Zuoxing, Lou Qihong and Wang Zhijiang
2794-2796 :
Enhancement of Magnetoimpedance in Fe74.5-xCuxNb3Si13.5B9 As Cast Ribbons
Jifan Hu, Hongwei Qin, Bo Li and Minhua Jiang
2797-2804 :
Austenite Grain Coarsening Under the Influence of Niobium Carbonitrides
David San Martín, Francisca G. Caballero, Carlos Capdevila and Carlos García de Andrés
2805-2811 :
Effect of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of Friction-Welded Joints between Ti and AISI 321 Stainless Steel
Won-Bae Lee and Seung-Boo Jung
2812-2821 :
Microstructure Evolution in Ferritic Stainless Steels during Large Strain Deformation
Andrey Belyakov, Yuuji Kimura, Yoshitaka Adachi and Kaneaki Tsuzaki
2822-2825 :
Ordered Structures and Partial Phase Diagram of Pd-rich Palladium-Manganese Alloys Studied by Electron Diffraction and Microscopy
Rokuro Miida, Tatsuhiko Tajima, Dilip Kumar Saha, Myeong Yong Wey, Denjiro Watanabe and Ken-ichi Ohshima
2826-2831 :
Microstructural and Textural Evolution by Continuous Cyclic Bending and Annealing in a High Purity Titanium
Yoshimasa Takayama, Taku Miura, Hajime Kato and Hideo Watanabe
2832-2837 :
Analysis of Interfacial Damage and Debonding Life Estimation of Cold Forging Tool Coated with Hard Film
Kunio Hayakawa, Tamotsu Nakamura, Shigekazu Tanaka and Kuniaki Harada
2838-2844 :
Development of Warm Forging Method for Magnesium Alloy
Ryo Matsumoto and Kozo Osakada
2845-2850 :
Computer Simulation of Rolling Textures Evolution of Pure Aluminum with Initial Texture
Zhiyong Chen, Xinming Zhang, Chuming Liu, Hongnian Cai and Fuchi Wang
2851-2856 :
Phase Relations and Distribution of Some Minor Elements in Cu-Fe-As System Saturated with Carbon at 1473 K
Leandro Voisin, Hector M. Henao and Kimio Itagaki
2857-2863 :
Wetting, Adhesion and Adsorption in Al-Si/(0112) α-Alumina System at 1723 K
Ping Shen, Hidetoshi Fujii and Kiyoshi Nogi
2864-2870 :
Surface Tension and its Temperature Coefficient of Liquid Sn-X (X=Ag, Cu) Alloys
Joonho Lee, Wataru Shimoda and Toshihiro Tanaka
2871-2877 :
New Activity Measurement Technique by Vacuum-Sealed Quartz Cell/Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Combination and Its Application to Liquid Bi-In Binary System
Shigeatsu Nakazawa, Minoru Sunada, Takeshi Azakami and Tetsuya Nagasaka
2878-2885 :
Electrical Discharge Surface Alloying of Superalloy Haynes 230 with Aluminum and Molybdenum
Ching-Yuan Bai, Chun-Hao Koo and Che-Chung Wang
2886-2890 :
Process Dependence of Ir-Based Bond Coatings
Hideyuki Murakami, Tetsuro Yano and Satoshi Sodeoka
2891-2896 :
Measurement of Friction in Cold Upsetting with Mist Lubrication
Ryo Matsumoto and Kozo Osakada
2897-2901 :
Basic Characteristics of the Explosive Welding Technique Using Underwater Shock Wave and Its Possibilities
Kazuyuki Hokamoto, Yasuhiro Ujimoto and Masahiro Fujita
2902-2905 :
Improved Response Time of a Thin Film Hydrogen Storage Alloy Unimorph Structure after Platinum Surface Treatment
Yoshitake Nishi, Haru-Hisa Uchida and Takamitsu Honjo
2906-2908 :
Effects of Nitrogen Irradiation on Photoluminescence around 1.54 μm from Er-containing ZnO
Zhen Zhou, Takanao Komaki, Toshitaka Komori, Atsushi Koizumi, Masahito Yoshino, Noriaki Matsunami, Yoshikazu Takeda and Masahiko Morinaga
2909-2915 :
Direct Synthesis of L10 (Fe0.55Pt0.45)77--78Zr2--5B17--20 Nanocrystalline Alloys with High Coercivity by Melt-Spinning
Akihiro Makino, Teruo Bitoh and Akihisa Inoue
2916-2921 :
Effects of Y2O3 and Y Addition on Thermoelectric Properties of β-FeSi2 Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying and Hot Pressing
Mikio Ito, Tomoyuki Tada and Shigeta Hara
2922-2929 :
Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment on Microstructural Feature and Bonding Strength of Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite on Ti-6Al-4V
Chung-Wei Yang, Truan-Sheng Lui, Tzer-Min Lee and Edward Chang
2930-2935 :
Fatigue Strength of Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron Hardened by Super Rapid Induction Heating and Quenching
Yoshitaka Misaka, Kazuhiro Kawasaki, Jun Komotori and Masao Shimizu
2936-2940 :
Excellent Mechanical Properties of Cu-Hf-Ti-Ta Bulk Glassy Alloys Containing In-Situ Dendrite Ta-based BCC Phase
Chunling Qin, Wei Zhang, Hisamichi Kimura and Akihisa Inoue
2941-2944 :
Preparation of Iron Fine Particles Coated with Boron Nitride Layers
Hisato Tokoro*1, Shigeo Fujii, Takeo Oku, Takashi Segi and Saburo Nasu


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