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Materials Transactions, Vol.44 No.6 (2003)

1057-1067 :
Is there a Hidden World of New Materials and Effects “between” the Elements of the Periodic Table?
Herbert Gleiter
1068-1074 :
Numerical Analysis of Solidification Effect on Diffusion Measurement in Liquid using the Long Capillary Method
Kenichi Ohsasa, Atsushi Hirata, Misako Uchida and Toshio Itami
1075-1080 :
Crystallization Kinetics in an Amorphous Al-Ni-Mm-Fe Alloy
K. L. Sahoo, V. Rao and A. Mitra
1081-1086 :
Microstructural Characterization of a Hot Pressed Si3N4-TiN Composite Studied by TEM
Byong-Taek Lee, Dong-Hwi Jang and Taek-Soo Kim
1087-1095 :
Austenite Grain Size Effects on Isothermal Allotriomorphic Ferrite Formation in 0.37C-1.45Mn-0.11V Microalloyed Steel
Carlos Capdevila, Francisca G. Caballero and Carlos García de Andrés
1096-1105 :
Decarburization of 3%Si-1.1%Mn-0.05%C Steel Sheets by Silicon Dioxide and Development of {100}< 012> Texture
Toshiro Tomida
1106-1115 :
Fine-Grained Doubly Oriented Silicon Steel Sheets and Mechanism of Cube Texture Development
Toshiro Tomida, Shigeo Uenoya and Naoyuki Sano
1116-1119 :
Vapor Pressure Measurements for the FeCl2-ZnCl2 System by the Transpiration Method
Sang Han Son and Fumitaka Tsukihashi
1120-1123 :
Activity Measurements of Copper in Solid Copper-Nickel Alloys using Copper-Beta-Alumina
Toshio Oishi, Shinya Tagawa and Soichiro Tanegashima
1124-1127 :
Behaviour of Iron Ion in the Morphosynthesis of Magnetite Particles
Jui Chakraborty, Swapan Kumar Das, V. Rao and Arvind Sinha
1128-1132 :
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Rolled Ti-Si-B Alloy
Jun Zhu, Akira Watazu, Wen Shi, Kiyotaka Kato, Tsutomu Sonoda, Takahiko Yamada and Tadashi Asahina
1133-1137 :
Control of Crystal Orientation of Hydroxyapatite by Imposition of a High Magnetic Field
Koji Inoue, Kensuke Sassa, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa, Yoshio Sakka, Masazumi Okido and Shigeo Asai
1138-1142 :
Development of Pressure Control Technique of An Arc-Submerged Nanoparticle Synthesis System (ASNSS) for Copper Nanoparticle Fabrication
Tsing-Tshih Tsung, Ho Chang, Liang-Chia Chen, Lee-Long Han, Chih-Hung Lo and Ming-Kun Liu
1143-1146 :
Bulk Glassy Alloys with Low Liquidus Temperature in Pt-Cu-P System
Tao Zhang and Akihisa Inoue
1147-1152 :
Formation, Thermal Stability, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Cu-Zr-Ti-Ni-Nb Bulk Glassy Alloys
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Chunling Qin, Tao Zhang, Katsuhiko Asami and Akihisa Inoue
1153-1158 :
Effect of Titanium Carbide Precipitates on the Ductility of 30 mass% Chromium Ferritic Steels
Tadashi Fukuda
1159-1162 :
The Effects of Surface Modification on the Properties of Bonded NdFeB Magnets
Wei Liu, Yuangang Yang, Yan Meng and Jiansheng Wu
1163-1166 :
Thermal Degradation of Woodceramics under Different Oxygen Concentration
Yasuko Oishi, Makoto Kano, Kazuhisa Morita, Yukio Yamauchi and Masahiro Morita
1167-1171 :
Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Glassy and Amorphous Ni-Nb-Zr Alloys Produced by Rapid Solidification
Hisamichi Kimura, Akihisa Inoue, Shin-ichi Yamaura, Kenichiro Sasamori, Motonori Nishida, Yoichiro Shinpo and Hitoshi Okouchi
1172-1180 :
Effects of Particle-Dispersion on the Strength of an Alumina Fiber-Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composite
Kazunori Asano and Hiroyuki Yoneda
1181-1189 :
Nano-Characterization of Ceramic Top-Coat/Metallic Bond-Coat Interface for Thermal Barrier Coating Systems by Plasma Spraying
Satoru Takahashi, Masayuki Yoshiba and Yoshio Harada
1190-1197 :
Marking Oxide Films on the Section of Al-XSi Alloys by Ultrasonic-vibration Treatment
Yeong-Jern Chen, Li-Wu Huang, Teng-Shih Shih
1198-1203 :
Capacity for Deformation and the Evaluation of Flow Stress of Hot Extruded Mg-8Al-xRE Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
Wan-Gye Yang and Chun-Hao Koo
1204-1208 :
Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermally Degraded 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel by Electrical Resistivity Measurement
Jai Won Byeon and Sook In Kwun
1209-1218 :
Effect of Microstructural Refinement on Ductility Deterioration of High Silicon Ferritic Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron Caused by Cyclic Heating
Hung-Mao Lin, Truan-Sheng Lui and Li-Hui Chen
1219-1224 :
Ageing in Parent Phase and Martensite Stabilization in a Ni50Ti30Hf20 Alloy
Alessandra Manca, Alexander V. Shelyakov and Graziella Airoldi
1225-1230 :
Effect of Graphite Content on the Tribological Behavior of a Cu-Fe-C Based Friction Material Sliding against FC30 Cast Iron
Sun-Zen Chen, Jiin-Huey Chern Lin and Chien-Ping Ju


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