Materials Transactions Online

Material Transactions, JIM, Vol.41, No.6 (2000)

651-655 :
Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of a SiCW/6061Al Composite
Lihe Qian, Zhong-guang Wang, Hiroyuki Toda, Toshiro Kobayashi and Qiang Yao
656-662 :
The Effect of Morphology Coarseness on Vibration Fracture Behavior of Pb-Sn Solders under Various Aging Conditions
C. M. Chuang, T. S. Lui and L. H. Chen
663-667 :
Effect of Annealing Texture on Shape Memory Effect in an Fe-Mn-Si-Cr Alloy Wire
Bohong Jiang, Xuan Qi, Yalin Ren and Chaoqun Wang
668-674 :
Preparation of Large Grained Al64Cu23Fe13 Icosahedral Quasicrystal Directly from the Melt
Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Kenzo Fukaura and Hisakichi Sunada
675-680 :
Fatigue Properties and Microstructures of Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 Bulk Glassy Alloys
Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Kenzo Fukaura and Hisakichi Sunada
681-689 :
Synergistic Use of Thermogravimetric and Electrochemical Techniques for Thermodynamic Study of TiOx (1.67≤ x≤ 2.0) at 1573 K
K. Thomas Jacob, S. Manjura Hoque and Yoshio Waseda
690-695 :
Effects of Cold Rolling on the Aging Kinetics in an Al-Mg-Si Based Commercial Alloy
Doan Chau Long, Yasuya Ohmori and Kiyomichi Nakai
696-700 :
Effect of Dy Addition on the Thermal Stability and Magnetic Properties of the Fe-Co-Nd-B Amorphous Alloys with Supercooled Liquid Region
Wei Zhang, Mitsuhide Matsusita and Akihisa Inoue
701-707 :
Interface Debonding Behavior and Its Effect on Crack Stability in PMMA/Glass Bi-Material
Ken Goto and Yutaka Kagawa
708-713 :
Effects of Fe Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of A206 Alloy
Chien-Jung Tseng, Sheng-Long Lee, Ten-Fu Wu and Jing-Chie Lin
714-718 :
Activity of Ga2O3 in B2O3 Flux and Standard Free Energies of Formation of GaBO3 and InBO3
Kazuki Tajima, Yuta Hino, Takayuki Narushima and Yasutaka Iguchi
719-726 :
Synthesis of Nb/Nb5Si3 in-situ Composites by Mechanical Milling and Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering
C. L. Ma, A. Kasama, Y. Tan, H. Tanaka, R. Tanaka, Y. Mishima and S. Hanada
727-732 :
Internal Stress and Strain Energy Yielded by γ→ε Martensitic Transformation in a Polycrystalline Ferrous Alloy
Hideaki Nozaki and Yo Tomota
733-738 :
Formation of Ternary L12 Intermetallic Compound and Phase Relation in the Al-Ti-Fe System
Hiroshi Mabuchi, Hitoshi Nagayama, Hiroshi Tsuda, Toshiyuki Matsui and Kenji Morii
739-744 :
Effect of Aluminum Ion Implantation on Shape Memory Properties of Titanium-Nickel Alloy
Teruo Asaoka and Atsushi Mitsuo


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