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Material Transactions, JIM, Vol.41, No.1 (2000)

2-6 :
Ultra-Purification of Electrolytic Iron by Cold-Crucible Induction Melting and Induction-Heating Floating-Zone Melting in Ultra-High Vacuum
Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
7-16 :
Preparation of Ultra High Purity Niobium
Alfred Koethe and Jens Ingolf Moench
17-21 :
Mechanisms and Modeling of Liquid Steel Decarburization below 10 ppm Carbon
H. Saint-Raymond, D. Huin and F. Stouvenot
22-27 :
Purification of Ti-Al Alloys by Induction-Heating Floating-Zone Melting and Cold-Crucible Melting in Ultra-High Vacuum
Tadahito Nakajima, Yukitoshi Morimoto, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
28-30 :
Formation of Ultra High Pure Metal Thin Films by Means of a Dry Process
Yuji Horino, Akiyoshi Chayahara, Atsushi Kinomura, Nobuteru Tsubouchi, Claire Heck and Kenji Abiko
31-33 :
Formation of High Purity Films by Negative Ion Beam Sputtering Using an Ultra-high Vacuum Self-Sputtering Method
Akiyoshi Chayahara, Atsushi Kinomura, Nobuteru Tsubouchi, Claire Heck and Yuji Horino
34-36 :
Silicon Carbide Film Growth Using Dual Isotopical 28Si- and 12C+ Ion Species
Nobuteru Tsubouchi, Akiyoshi Chayahara, Atsushi Kinomura, Claire Heck and Yuji Horino
37-43 :
High Purity Metal Production Using Dry Refining Processes
Poong Kim, Yasuo Mihara, Eiichi Ozawa, Yoshiharu Nozawa and Chikara Hayashi
44-46 :
Metallic Alloy Coatings Using Coaxial Vacuum Arc Deposition
Sung-Yong Chun, Akiyoshi Chayahara and Yuji Horino
47-52 :
Determination of Trace Amounts of Carbon in High-Purity Iron by Infrared Absorption after Combustion: Pretreatment of Reaction Accelerator and Ceramic Crucible
Tetsuya Ashino, Kunio Takada, Yukitoshi Morimoto, Hisao Yasuhara, Mayuko Kurosaki and Kenji Abiko
53-56 :
Determination of Trace Amounts of Sulfur in High-Purity Iron by Infrared Absorption after Combustion: Removal of Sulfur Blank
Kunio Takada, Tetsuya Ashino, Yukitoshi Morimoto, Hisao Yasuhara, Mayuko Kurosaki and Kenji Abiko
57-60 :
Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Boron in High-Purity Iron and Ferroalloy after Chemical Separation
Ikuo Takahashi, Mikio Ishikuro, Kunio Takada, Kenji Abiko and Kouzou Tsunoyama
61-66 :
Neutron Activation Analysis of High-Purity Iron in Comparison with Chemical Analysis
Atsushi Kinomura, Seiichi Takaki, Yukihiro Nakano, Yoshihiko Hayashi, Yuji Horino and Kenji Abiko
67-70 :
High Purity Niobium for Neutron Activation Detectors
Jens Ingolf Moench, Ingrid Stephan and Alfred Koethe
71-74 :
Determination of Trace Amount of Gaseous Elements in Iron and Steel
Hisao Yasuhara, Makoto Shimura, Keiichi Yoshioka and Kenji Abiko
75-77 :
Reference Materials for Analysis of C in High Purity Iron
Seiyu Ogino, Masanobu Harada, Kouzou Tsunoyama and Yukitosi Morimoto
78-81 :
The Solubility of Carbon in High Purity α Iron Measured by Electrical Resistivity at 4.2 K
J.-L. Bonnentien and J. Bigot
82-86 :
Measurement of the Zener Relaxation in High-Purity FeCr Single Crystals
M. Hirscher, U. Brossmann and R. Henes
87-90 :
Self-Diffusion in High Purity Fe-50 mass%Cr Alloy
Motohide Sugihara, Yoshihiro Yamazaki, Seiichi Takaki, Kenji Abiko and Yoshiaki Iijima
91-94 :
A Study of the Recrystallization Mechanisms in Doped Ultra-High Purity Iron
L. Lesne, H. Réglé and J. H. Driver
95-101 :
Influence of Purity and Forging Temperature on the Microstructure of High-Purity Iron
Toshifumi Ogawa, Nobuyuki Harima, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
102-108 :
Formation of Giant Columnar Grains in High-Purity Iron by Hot-Rolling
Kenji Abiko, Seiichi Takaki, Takeshi Yokota and Susumu Satoh
109-112 :
Modelling the Transition from Discontinuous to Continuous Dynamic Recrystallization with Decreasing Purity in Aluminium
Corinne Chovet, Sophie Gourdet and Frank Montheillet
113-115 :
The Effect of Purity on Dynamic Recrystallization in Austenitic Stainless Steels
L. Gavard, F. Montheillet and J. Le Coze
116-121 :
In-situ Observation of Transformation Behavior in High-Purity Fe-Ni Alloys
Takeshi Hidaka and Kenji Abiko
122-129 :
Role of Carbon and Nitrogen on the Transformation of the σ Phase in Highly Purified Fe-50 mass%Cr Alloys
Koji Yano and Kenji Abiko
130-135 :
In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Carbide Precipitation in Fe-50%Cr Alloys at Elevated Temperatures
Joji Ohta, Kenji Kako, Masami Mayuzumi, Hideo Kusanagi and Kenji Abiko
136-140 :
Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Tensile Properties in High-Purity Fe-(9-50)Cr and Fe-50Cr-xW Alloys
Eiichi Wakai, Akimichi Hishinuma, Yukio Miwa, Asao Ouchi, Seiichi Isozaki, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
141-151 :
The Flow-Stress Asymmetry of Ultra-Pure Molybdenum Single Crystals
A. Seeger and L. Hollang
152-160 :
Comparison of Flow-Stress Measurements on High-Purity Tungsten Single Crystals with the Kink-Pair Theory
Dieter Brunner
161-165 :
Impurity Effects in Chromium and Titanium
Clyde L. Briant
166-169 :
Influence of Boron on the Mechanical Properties of B2-ordered FeAl Alloys
Anna Fraczkiewicz
170-177 :
Mechanical Properties of a High-Purity Fe-9Cr-2W-0.1C Model Alloy for Low-Activation Ferritic Steels for Fusion Reactors
Takuya Nagasaka, Hiroo Yoshida, Ken-ichi Fukumoto, Takuya Yamamoto and Hideki Matsui
178-183 :
High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of a High-Purity Cr-Ni Alloy
Minoru Asahina, Nobuyuki Harima, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
184-193 :
Effect of Grain Size on the Deformation Properties of a High-Purity Fe-50Cr Alloy at 293 and 773 K
Kenji Kako, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
194-196 :
Role of Tungsten in the Mechanical Properties of a High-Purity Fe-50mass%Cr Alloy at 293-773 K
Seiichi Isozaki and Kenji Abiko
197-202 :
Mechanical Properties of a High-Purity 60 mass%Cr-Fe Alloy
Gaku Kanou, Nobuyuki Harima, Seiichi Takaki and Kenji Abiko
203-209 :
Corrosion of Ultra-High Purity Aluminum in Hydrochloric Acid
Kikuo Matsusaka, Hiroto Osono and Takao Kino
210-218 :
The use of UHP Ni and Ni Base Single Crystals to Study the Stress Corrosion Cracking Mechanisms of Alloy 600 in PWR Environment
T. Magnin, N. Renaudot and F. Foct
219-232 :
Purification of Iron and Steels a Continuous Effort from 2000 BC to AD 2000
Jean Le Coze
233-237 :
Why Do We Study Ultra-High Purity Base Metals?
Kenji Abiko
238-241 :
Quantitative Analysis of Short-Range Order Diffuse Scattering in Cu-27.5 at%Pd Alloy with Energy-Filtered Electron Diffraction
Yoichi Ikematsu, Daisuke Shindo and Tetsuo Oikawa
242-245 :
Growth Mechanism of Decagonal Quasicrystal in the Chill Cast Al72Ni12Co16 Alloy
Yongchang Liu, Gencang Yang and Yaohe Zhou
246-249 :
Catalytic Graphitisation of Amorphous Carbon during Solar Carbide Synthesis of VIa Group Metals (Cr, Mo and W)
Nobumitsu Shohoji, Pedro Miguel Amaral, Jorge Cruz Fernandes, Luís Guerra Rosa, Diego Martínez and José Rodríguez


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