Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.40 No.3 (1999)

169-181 :
Recent Progress in the Study of Surface Observation Using Scanning Probe Microscopy
Hiroyuki Masuda
182-185 :
Enhancement of the Photoluminescence from Porous Silicon by Anodic Polarization
Tsuyoshi Arigane, Noriyuki Watanabe, Toshimasa Wadayama
and Aritada Hatta
186-192 :
Spin-Valve Film for Sensitive Giant Magnetoresistive Sensor Using AC Bias Magnetic Field
Haruki Yamane, Juro Mita and Masanobu Kobayashi
193-198 :
Reverse Transformation Characteristics of Thermally Induced ε (hcp) Martensite in an Fe-Mn-Si Based Alloy
Zhenghong Guo, Yonghua Rong, Shipu Chen,
T. Y. Hsu , Jianming Hong and Xiaoning Zhao
199-208 :
Microstructures of Heat-Affected Zone in Niobium Containing Steels
J. R. Yang, C. Y. Huang and C. S. Chiou
209-213 :
Effect of Oxygen Gas Addition on Preparation of Iridium and Platinum Films by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Takashi Goto, J. Roberto Vargas and Toshio Hirai
214-221 :
Bio-Assisted Leaching of Copper, Nickel and Cobalt from Copper Converter Slag
K. D. Mehta, B. D. Pandey and Premchand
222-224 :
Influence of Alloying on the Anneal Hardening Effect in Sintered Copper Alloys
Svetlana Nestorovi\'c and Desimir Markovi'\`