Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.40 No.2 (1999)

87-91 :
Annealing Effect and Floating Zone Refining of Copper under Hydrogen Atmosphere
Yukio Ishikawa, Kouji Mimura and Minoru Isshiki
92-99 :
Pressureless Combustion Synthesis of Dense TiAl Intermetallic Compounds by Ni/Al Powder Addition
Atsushi Hibino and Manabu Kiuchi
100-106 :
Effects of Magnetic Field on Athermal and Isothermal Martensitic Transformations in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Yoshihiro Sato, Toshio Saburi,
Ken'ichi Shimizu, Yuki Matsuoka and Koichi Kindo
107-111 :
Effects of Static Magnetic Field and Hydrostatic Pressure on the Isothermal Martensitic Transformation in an Fe-Ni-Cr Alloy
Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Yoshihiro Sato, Toshio Saburi, Ken'ichi Shimizu,
Yuki Matsuoka, Koichi Kindo and Shoichi Endo
112-117 :
Audio-Frequency Internal Friction Characteristics Associated with the γ→ε Martensitic Transformation in Fe-Mn-Si Based Alloys
Xiaochun Wu and T. Y. Hsu
118-122 :
Synthesis, Structure, and Superconducting Properties of NbC Nanorods and Nanoparticles
Akihiko Fukunaga, Shaoyan Chu, Michael E. McHenry
and Michihiko Nagumo
123-131 :
Preparation of a Decagonal Al-Cu-Co Single Quasicrystal by the Czochralski Method
Yoshihiko Yokoyama, Ryunosuke Note, Atsushi Yamaguchi,
Akihisa Inoue, Kenzo Fukaura and Hisakichi Sunada
132-136 :
Thermodynamic Factor Evaluated from Diffuse X-ray Scattering
Vlad Liubich, Simon Dorfman, David Fuks
and Helmut Mehrer
137-140 :
X-ray Diffraction Study of the Decagonal Al70Ni10Co20
Yoshie Matsuo, Nami Sugiyama and Kazuki Yamamoto
141-145 :
Study of High Resolution TEM Images of Nanoparticles either Supported on Amorphous Films or Embedded in a Crystalline Matrix
M. José Yacamán, C. Zorrilla, J. A. Ascencio,
G. Mondragón and J. Reyes-Gasga
146-151 :
Model for the Calculation of Precipitation and Recrystallization Behavior during the Annealing Process in Copper Alloys
Hidemichi Fujiwara, Tatsuo Sato and Akihiko Kamio
152-158 :
Phase Stability and Mechanical Properties of Nb-rich Nb-Mo-Al Ternary System at Elevated Temperatures
Keizo Hashimoto and Toshihiro Hanamura
159-167 :
Influence of Precipitate Size and Crystallographic Orientation on Strength of a Single Crystal Ni-Base Superalloy
Koji Kakehi


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