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Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.40 No.1 (1999)

1-6 :
Characteristic Features of Rolling Texture Development in FCC Alloys Having Very Low Stacking Fault Energies
Kazuyoshi Sekine and Jun Wang
7-12 :
Structural Study of Amorphous La(Co1-xTMx)13 Alloys by X-ray Diffraction
Eiichiro Matsubara, Ryoji Kakiuchi, Kaku Asada, Asaya Fujita and Kazuaki Fukamichi
13-19 :
Effect of Processing Conditions on Gas Nitriding of Austenitic Stainless Steels
Hidekazu Sueyoshi, Kazuto Hamaishi and Takayuki Shiomizu
20-26 :
Phase Equilibrium and Minor Elements Distribution between Iron-Silicate Base Slag and Nickel-Copper-Iron Matte at 1573 K under High Partial Pressures of SO2
Jonkion M. Font, Mitsuhisa Hino and Kimio Itagaki
27-33 :
Influence of Gravity on the Microstructure of Directionally Solidified Ag-Si Eutectic Alloy
Ichiro Aoi, Makoto Yoshida, Hideharu Fukunaga and Hideo Nakae
34-41 :
Artificial Ageing of Al-Mg-Cu Alloys
Peter Ratchev, Bert Verlinden, Peter De Smet
and Paul Van Houtte
42-51 :
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Zr-based Bulk Nanocrystalline Alloys Containing Compound and Amorphous Phases
Cang Fan, Akira Takeuchi and Akihisa Inoue
52-56 :
Wettability of Zirconia and Alumina Ceramics by Molten Zinc
Nobuya Shinozaki, Masami Suenaga and Kusuhiro Mukai
57-63 :
Effect of Hydrogen Gas Content on Generation of Porosity in Al-Li Casting Alloys
Seiji Saikawa, Kiyoshi Nakai, Yasuo Sugiura and Akihiko Kamio
64-71 :
Glass Transition Behavior and Viscous Flow Working of Pd40Cu30Ni10P20 Amorphous Alloy
Nobuyuki Nishiyama and Akihisa Inoue
72-77 :
Precipitation Processes in a Cu-18 at%Li Alloy Produced by Electrodeposition
Osvaldo A. Lambri, Andrea V. Morón Alcain, Griselda I. Lambri,
Augusto Pe~naloza, Manuel Ortiz, C. H. Wörner and E. Bocanegra
78-81 :
Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Co-Ln-B (Ln=Nd, Sm, Tb or Dy) Amorphous Alloys with High Magnetostriction
Wei Zhang and Akihisa Inoue
82-85 :
The Processing Window for Austempering Ductile Iron
Chan Tung Chen and Tien Shou Lei


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