Materials Transactions Online

Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.4 No.4 (1963)

195-199 :
Effects of Tensile Stress on Diffusion-Transformation During the Course of Cooling of Steels
Shogo Kanazawa
200-204 :
Effects of Carbide Dissolution in Austenitization on the Behavior in Transformation of 13 Cr Stainless Steel
Kazuo Nakazawa
205-212 :
On the Preparation of Boron by Reducing Boron Trichloride with Zinc
Hisashi Ito, Tsutomu Yanagase and Kei Higashi
213-221 :
Relation between Creep Rupture Properties and Micro- structures of AISI 321 Stainless Steel Forgings
Teishiro Oda and Yuzô Katayama
222-230 :
Electron Microscope Study of Sigma Phase Precipitation in an Iron-Chromium-Nickel Alloy
Soji Nenno, Masayoshi Tagaya, Koji Hosomi
and Zenji Nishiyama
231-236 :
Dealuminification of Cu-Al-Fe-Ni Alloy by Sea Water Corrosion
Gunji Shinoda and Yoshitsugu Amano
237-241 :
Electron Microscopic Study of Structural Changes in 18-8 Austenite Stainless Steel after Solution and Precipitation Treatment
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
242-244 :
Recrystallization of a Cold Rolled Commercial Pure Titanium Plate by Isothermal Annealing
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
245-249 :
A Study of Annealing Behaviour of a Cold Deformed 18-8 Stainless Steel by Internal Friction Measurement
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
250-255 :
Joint Mechanism of Ultrasonic Welding
Minoru Okada, Shigeo Shin, Masakazu Miyagi
and Hiromi Matsuda
256-258 :
Calorimetric Studies of Superlattice in Fe-Co-Cr Alloys
Hisao Yamamoto and Hiroshi Sato
259-262 :
Extraction and Separation of Tantalum and Niobium by Liquid-Liquid Extraction in the Hydrofluoric Acid-Tributyl Phosphate System
Sanji Nishimura, Jyoichiro Moriyama and Isao Kushima


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