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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.4 No.3 (1963)

121-123 :
The Kirkendall Effect in Diffusion of Aluminum into α-Iron
Kôsaburô Satô
124-133 :
Curling and Bowing of Rolled Strips
Eihachiro Tanaka, Kiyoo Tsunokawa
and Takeshi Fukuda
134-141 :
On the Flow Stress of α Solid Solution Mg-Li Alloy Single Crystals
Hideo Yoshinaga and Ryo Horiuchi
142-144 :
Relation Between the Twin Structure and the Chemical Activity in Electrodeposited Nickel
Koji Hashimoto
145-150 :
A Study of Rapid Nitriding Steel Containing Titanium
Etsujiro Yajima and Koichi Furusawa
151-157 :
Precipitation of N and C in Al-Killed Deep Drawing Steel Sheets During Rapid Cooling
Koichi Aoki, Shozo Sekino and Toshiyuki Fujishima
158-161 :
An Application of the Magnetic Method for the Analysis of Metallic Ions in Solutions
Takasuke Mori, Chie Miyake and Tadao Sano
162-167 :
On the Annealing Brittleness of Commercial Pure Nickel
Toshimi Yamane and Masao Tanaka
168-172 :
On the β Phases in Fe-Ni-Cr and Fe-Ni-Cr-Co Alloys Containing Al and Ti
Shoichi Katoh
173-178 :
Time-Temperature-Austenitization Diagram of Hypereutectoid Steel
Shigeo Owaku and Hideo Akasu
179-188 :
An Electrical Resistance Study of Phase Transformations in Quenched and Annealed CsCl Au-Cd Alloys
Norihiko Nakanishi and C. Marvin Wayman
189-193 :
Structure and Property of Binder-Phase of Sintered TiC-Ni Compact
Tamotsu Fukatsu
194-194 :
On the Variation in Lattice Constant of Magnetite Coexisting with Wustite

Chikao Yoshii and Katsuya Watanabe


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