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Transactions of the Japan Institute of Metals, Vol.4 No.1 (1963)

1-8 :
Deformation Mechanisms in Magnesium Single Crystals Compressed in the Direction Parallel to Hexagonal Axis
Hideo Yoshinaga and Ryo Horiuchi
9-14 :
Changes in Internal Friction and Mechanical Properties of a low Mn-Cr Steel owing to Heat Treatments
Toshimi Yamane and Jitsuhiko Ueda
15-21 :
Electron-Microscopic Studies of Carbides in Austenitic Stainless Steels
Kiichi Narita
22-27 :
Dependence of the Magnetic Anisotropy on the Alloy Composition in Cold-Rolled Vicalloy Magnet
Yasuo Kimura
28-32 :
Cold Rolling and Recrystalization Textures of Silicon-Iron Crystals Rolled in (100) [001] Orientation
Hideo Abe, Munetsugu Matsuo and Kunio Ito
33-37 :
Minor Discontinuity of the Crystal Rotation in Copper and Aluminium Crystals during the Tensile Deformation and an Attempt to Evaluate the Bending Stress due to the Non-rotating Grip
Sadakichi Kitajima, Hiroshi Oasa and Hiroya Kaieda
38-41 :
Study of Consumable Electrode Arc-Melted Timken 16-25-6
Hidetake Kusamichi, Yoshiro Yagi and Shunji Yamamoto
42-45 :
Dezincification of Alpha Brass
Koji Hashimoto, Shiro Ogawa and Saburo Shimodaira
46-51 :
On the Behavior of C and N in Al-Killed Steels during Isothermal Treatment
Koichi Aoki, Shozo Sekino and Toshiyuki Fujishima
52-56 :
The Effect of Austenitizing Conditions on the Mechanical Properties and on Hardenability of Hardened Carbon Steel
Kazuaki Iijima
57-58 :
Infrared Spectra Study on the Oxidation Film of Zirconium

Tatsuo Maekawa and Minoru Terada
59-60 :
Effect of the Grain Structure of the Substrate on Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited Fe-Ni Films
Tsutomu Iimura, Sadahiko Sekiguchi
and Mutsuo Sasaki


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