Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transaction, JIM, Vol.39 No.9 (1998)

873-882 :
Energy-Filtering Imaging and Diffraction
L. Reimer
883-887 :
Applications of EFTEM Elemental Mapping with High Spatial Resolution to the Nanocavity and Modulated Structure
Min Gao and X. F. Duan
888-902 :
Advances in High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
Fritz Phillipp
903-908 :
Quantitative Analysis of HREM Images of α-AlB12 with a High- Voltage Transmission Electron Microscope and the Imaging Plate
Akira Taniyama and Daisuke Shindo
909-913 :
Application of Imaging Plates to High-Resolution High-Voltage Electron Microscopy
Marco Cantoni and Shigeo Horiuchi
914-919 :
Interpretation of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope Images of Short Range Ordered Ni4Mo
Satoshi Hata, Daisuke Shindo, Noriyuki Kuwano*,
Syo Matsumura and Kensuke Oki
920-926 :
Incommensurate Modulated Structure of ``Pb''-1223 Determined by Combining High Resolution Electron Microscopy and Electron Diffraction
J. Liu, F. H. Li, Z. H. Wan, H. F. Fan, X. J. Wu,
T. Tamura and K. Tanabe
927-937 :
Recent Development in Quantitative Electron Diffraction for Crystallography of Materials
Yoshitsugu Tomokiyo and Syo Matsumura
938-946 :
Quantitative Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
J. M. Zuo
947-958 :
Quantitative X-ray Microanalysis in Analytical Electron Microscopy
Zenji Horita
959-966 :
In-situ Experiment with High Voltage Electron Microscope
Hirotaro Mori
967-974 :
Burgers Vector of Crack Tip Dislocations in Magnesium Oxide Crystals
Kenji Higashida, Syunji Okazaki, Tatsuya Morikawa
and Ryuta Onodera
975-981 :
Microstructural and Crystallographic Characterization of Multiphase Al62Ti10V28 Alloy
Woong-Seong Chang and B. C. Muddle
982-988 :
Identification of Metastable Phases in Strip-cast and Spray-cast Al-Fe-V-Si Alloys
Hyang Jin Koh, Woo Jin Park and Nack J. Kim
989-994 :
Convergent Beam Dark Field Imaging Technique with Its Application to Observation of Multiphase Materials
Atsushi Yamamoto and Harushige Tsubakino
995-999 :
Effect of Repeated Thermal Cycling on the Formation of Retained Austenite in 18%Ni 350 Grade Maraging Steel
M. Farooque, H. Ayub, A. ul Haq
and A. Q. Khan


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