Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.39 No.8 (1998)

783-794 :
Microstructures of Nanocrystalline Materials Synthesized by Amorphous Crystallization
Xue-Dong Liu
795-801 :
Structure Evolution upon Heating of Mechanically Alloyed Ti34Zr11Cu47Ni8 Powders
Xue-Dong Liu and Michihiko Nagumo
802-809 :
Relation between Hydrogen Storage Properties and Structure of Nd-Co-B Amorphous Alloys
Yuichi Hayashi, Masaaki Yamada and Kazuhide Tanaka
810-813 :
Formation of Mg2Ni from Mg and Ni Powder Mixtures by the Use of a Planetary Ball Mill
Guomin Mi and Fumio Saito
814-818 :
Control of Precipitating Phase Alignment and Crystal Orientation by Imposition of a High Magnetic Field
Hiroshi Morikawa, Kensuke Sassa and Shigeo Asai
819-823 :
Effect of Alloying Elements on Carbon Solubility in Liquid Silicon Equilibrated with Silicon Carbide
Koji Yanaba, Yasunori Matsumura, Takayuki Narushima
and Yasutaka Iguchi
824-833 :
Plastic Deformation of D022 Ordered Al3Ti in a Centrifugally Cast Al-Al3Ti Composite
Ken Yamashita, Ichiro Fujimoto, Shinji Kumai and Akikazu Sato
834-840 :
Minor Elements Distribution between Iron-Silicate Base Slag and Ni3S2-FeS Matte under High Partial Pressures of SO2
Jonkion M. Font, Mitsuhisa Hino and Kimio Itagaki
841-848 :
Decomposition of High Temperature γMn Phase during Continuous Cooling and Resultant Damping Behavior in Mn74.8Cu19.2Ni4.0Fe2.0 and Mn72.4Cu20.0Ni5.6Fe2.0 Alloys
Fuxing Yin, Yoshiaki Ohsawa, Akira Sato and Kohji Kawahara
849-856 :
Effect of Preheating in Air on Gas Nitriding of Austenitic Stainless Steels
Hidekazu Sueyoshi, Kazuto Hamaishi, Takayuki Shiomizu
and Yoshihisa Ohzono
857-862 :
Density, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Ti-Al-Cu-Ni Bulk Amorphous Alloys with High Al Plus Ti Concentrations
Tao Zhang and Akihisa Inoue
863-865 :
Plastic Anisotropy in an Al-Cu-Co Decagonal Quasicrystal
Keiichi Edagawa, Yasuyo Arai, Tatsuo Hashimoto
and Shin Takeuchi
866-869 :
Formation, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of New Amorphous Al89Fe10Zr1 Alloy
Hisamichi Kimura, Litsumin Wang and Akihisa Inoue


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