Materials Transactions Online

Material Transaction, JIM, Vol.39 No.7 (1998)

693-699 :
THE FORTY-TWO HONDA MEMORIAL LECTURE Nanostructure of Metallic Amorphous Alloys -Characterization of Medium-Range Structure and Dynamics by Pulsed Neutron Scattering-
Kenji Suzuki
700-708 :
57Fe Mössbauer Study on Distribution and Interaction of N Interstitials in γ-FeN Austenite and α'-FeN Martensite
Toru Hinomura and Saburo Nasu
709-713 :
Electronic Structure and Chemical Bonding of TiS2 by Cluster Calculation
Yang-Soo Kim, Masataka Mizuno, Isao Tanaka and Hirohiko Adachi
714-723 :
In-situ Observations of R-Phase Transformation in a Ti50Ni48Fe2 Alloy by Electron Microscopy
T. Tamiya, D. Shindo, Y. Murakami,
Y. Bando and K. Otsuka
724-730 :
Improvement of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in TiB2-Doped TiAl Alloy by Direct Sheet Casting
Toshihiro Hanamura and Keizo Hashimoto
731-739 :
Structural Evolution of Sputtered Molybdenum Thin Film Growth
Takashi Ishiguro and Takashi Sato
740-746 :
Cu(II)/Cu(I)/Cu Redox in Alkali Borate Melts
Takafumi Sakurada, Hideki Maekawa and Toshio Yokokawa
747-755 :
Effect of Superficial Application of Yttrium Oxides with Various Activities on High Temperature Oxidation of Chromium
Ken-ichi Kawamura, Takao Nakashima and Toshio Maruyama
756-761 :
Surface Characterization of Electrochemically Formed Passive Film on Nitrogen Ion Implanted Ti6Al4V Alloy
T. Sundararajan, U. Kamachi Mudali, K. G. M. Nair,
S. Rajeswari and M. Subbaiyan
762-768 :
Soft Magnetic Properties of Co-Based Amorphous Alloys with Wide Supercooled Liquid Region
Takaomi Itoi and Akihisa Inoue
769-772 :
Protium Absorption Properties of La-TM-Si (TM=Co, Ni) Ternary Intermetallic Compounds
Hirofumi Kakuta, Toshiyuki Ogawa, Hitoshi Takamura
and Masuo Okada
773-777 :
New Amorphous Alloys in Al-Ti Binary System
Hisamichi Kimura, Kenichiro Sasamori and Akihisa Inoue
778-781 :
Solid Solubility of Carbon in Copper during Mechanical Alloying
S. Saji, T. Kadokura, H. Anada, K. Notoya
and N. Takano


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