Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transaction, JIM, Vol.39 No.6 (1998)

623-632 :
Crystallization Behavior and Phase Formation in Zr-Al-Cu-Ni Metallic Glass Containing Oxygen
J. Eckert, N. Mattern, M. Zinkevitch and M. Seidel
633-639 :
Diffusional Solidification Behavior in 304 Stainless Steel
Hyuck Mo Lee, Jun Soo Bae, Jeong Ryong Soh,
Sun Koo Kim and Yong Deuk Lee
640-647 :
Thermoelastic Equilibrium and Specimen Size Effects in Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformations
Hidekazu Sakamoto, Shigeaki Sugimoto and Toru Hara
648-651 :
Preferred Orientations in Compression Deformed and Annealed Polycrystalline C60
Kunio Ito, Keisuke Ogawa and Yoichi Ishida
652-657 :
Phase Equilibrium between Iron-Silicate Base Slag and Nickel-Iron Matte at 1573 K under High Partial Pressures of SO2
Jonkion M. Font, Yoichi Takeda and Kimio Itagaki
658-662 :
Siliconizing of Molybdenum Metal in Indium-Silicon Melts
Francis Christian and Toshio Narita
663-667 :
Determination of Seventeen Impurities in High-Purity Titanium and Titanium Disilicide by ICP-Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Kei Yamada, Ryosuke Hasegawa and Osamu Kujirai
668-671 :
Oscillation Modes of Slag-Metallic Bath Interface
M. Agop and V. Cojocaru
672-678 :
Evaluation of Thermoelectric Properties of Impurity-doped PbTe
Masaki Orihashi, Yasutoshi Noda, Hiromasa T. Kaibe and Isao A. Nishida
679-683 :
Effects of Substrate Temperature and Heat Treatment on GMR Properties of Co-RE-O Nano-granular Films
Nobukiyo Kobayashi, Shigehiro Ohnuma, Tsuyoshi Masumoto
and Hiroyasu Fujimori
684-688 :
Fabrication of 13Cr Stainless Steel Blade Material with Hardness Gradient Using Cladding and Diffusion of Al
Shuji Yamada, Tadashi Hamada, Hiroshi Yamada,
Yoshio Kawamura and Toshio Saburi
689-692 :
Effect of Ultrasonication on Colloidal Dispersion of Al2O3 and ZrO2 Powders in pH Controlled Suspension
Tohru S. Suzuki, Yoshio Sakka, Keishi Nakano and Keijiro Hiraga


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