Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transaction, JIM, Vol.38 No.12 (1997)

1033-1039 :
The Hall-Petch Relationship in Nanocrystalline Materials
X. D. Liu*, M. Nagumo* and M. Umemoto**
1040-1046 :
Improvement of Mechanical Properties by Precipitation of Nanoscale Compound Particles in Zr-Cu-Pd-Al Amorphous Alloys
Cang Fan and Akihisa Inoue
1047-1056 :
Effects of Be Additions on Microstructures of TiAl Intermetallic Compounds
Katsuhiko Nonaka, Takeshi Kawabata, Hideo Nakajima
and Kazuo Tanosaki
1057-1062 :
Stress Induced R→B2 Transformation and Pseudoelasticity Associated with Twinning in a Ti-Ni Alloy Including Aligned Particles of Ti3Ni4
Takashi Fukuda, Akiyoshi Deguchi, Tomoyuki Kakeshita
and Toshio Saburi
1063-1066 :
Effect of High Pressure on Phase Diagram of Zn-Sn System
Yasuo Fujinaga and Yasuhiko Syono
1067-1071 :
Deformation and Microstructure of Ti-14Mo Alloy in Over Aged State
Y. Takemoto, M. Hida and A. Sakakibara
1072-1077 :
In-situ TEM Observation of γ→ε Martensitic Transformation during Tensile Straining in an Fe-Mn-Si Shape Memory Alloy
Bohong Jiang, Tsugio Tadaki, Hirotaro Mori
and T. Y. Hsu
1078-1082 :
In-situ TEM Observation of ε→γ Transformation during Heating in an Fe-Mn-Si Shape Memory Alloy
Bohong Jiang, Tsugio Tadaki, Hirotaro Mori
and T. Y. Hsu
1083-1088 :
Copper Purification by Anion-Exchange Separation in Chloride Media
Masahito Uchikoshi, Tamás Kékesi, Yukio Ishikawa,
Kouji Mimura and Minoru Isshiki
1089-1094 :
Corrosion Monitoring of Zn and Zn-Al Coated Steels under Wet-Dry Cyclic Conditions Using AC Impedance Method
H. Katayama, Y.-C. Tay, A. S. Viloria, A. Nishikata and T. Tsuru
1095-1099 :
Multicomponent Si-Based Amorphous Alloys Produced by Melt Spinning and Their Crystallization Behaviour
D. V. Louzguine and A. Inoue
1100-1105 :
Verification of Sandelin Phenomena in Mechanically Alloyed Fe-Zn and Fe-Zn-Si
A. D. Jordan and O. N. C. Uwakweh
1106-1115 :
Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-B-Cr Nanocrystalline Composite Magnets
Toru Hinomura, Saburo Nasu, Hirokazu Kanekiyo,
Minoru Uehara and Satoshi Hirosawa
1116-1118 :
Formation of Millimeter-Sized Al-Cu-Ru Single Quasicrystals
T. Kamo, Y. Watanabe and S. Nanao


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