Materials Transactions Online

Materials Transaction, JIM, Vol.38 No.7 (1997)

577-582 :
Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Fe56Co7Ni7Zr10-xNbxB20 Amorphous Alloys with Wide Supercooled Liquid Range
Akihisa Inoue, Hisato Koshiba, Tao Zhang
and Akihiro Makino
583-588 :
On the Effect of the Number of Components on Glass-Forming Ability of Alloys from the Liquid State: Application to the New Generation of Multicomponent Bulk Glasses
P. J. Desré
589-594 :
Model Equations for Solid Solubilities in Binary Non-Transition Metal Based Alloys
Shuzhi Liao, Bangwei Zhang and Yifang Ouyang
595-598 :
New Amorphous Alloys in Al-Si-Fe-Ni and Al-Si-Fe-Co Systems and Their Crystallization Behaviour
D. V. Louzguine, A. Takeuchi and A. Inoue
599-606 :
Microstructure and High Temperature Strength of Direct-Cast γ TiAl-Based Alloy Sheet
Toshihiro Hanamura and Keizo Hashimoto
607-614 :
Effect of Crystallographic Orientation and Grain Boundary on Acoustic Emission in Aluminium Single- and Bi-crystals
Kazuo Kitagawa, Yoshihisa Kaneko and Alexei Vinogradov
615-621 :
Effect of Loading Velocity on Fracture Toughness of a SiCw/A6061 Composite
Lei Wang and Toshiro Kobayashi
622-629 :
High Efficient Recovery of Pure Aluminum from Al-Sn and Al-Ni Alloys by Rheorefining Process
Kiyoshi Ichikawa, Masahito Katoh, Fumio Asuke
and Yoshinori Nakazawa
630-635 :
Formation of Composite Layer Containing TiC Precipitates by Electrical Discharge Alloying
Yoshiki Tsunekawa, Masahiro Okumiya, Naotake Mohri and Eiji Kuribe
636-642 :
Removal of Oxide Layer on Metal Surface by Vacuum Arc
Koichi Takeda and Sunao Takeuchi
643-649 :
Application of Sputter Deposition Technique to the Preparation of Amorphous Alloy-Derived Catalysts for NO Decomposition
Kota Funayama, Hiroki Habazaki, Eiji Akiyama, Asahi Kawashima,
Katsuhiko Asami, Koji Hashimoto and Mitsuru Komori
650-652 :
Fabrication of Ti/Ti5Si3 Functionally Graded Material by Eutectic Bonding Method
Soshu Kirihara, Yo Tomota and Tokuzou Tsujimoto
653-655 :
High-Temperature Creep Behavior in Ni3(Al, Ta) Single Crystals with Different Orientations
Zhi-Lun Peng, Seiji Miura and Yoshinao Mishima


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